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What Next? How to Maintain Your Blogging Momentum

Every once in a while an unexpected event will be thrown your way, be it positive or negative, and without realizing it your blogging strategy will come derailed.

This has happened to me a more than a few times on Transitionelle: both after the most incredible occurrences (being Freshly Pressed!) or at the most negative times (during illness, after being turned down for jobs, or after embarrassing attempts at cold calling). But the reasons for blog derailment aren’t what I want to focus on today!

I want to move past them and keep up my momentum!

My pac-man inspiration journal is inspiring just to look at :) And filled with random snippits of potentially great ideas.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one – so here are a few of my tips for maintaining blog momentum:

  1. Keep an inspiration journal/folder: How many times have you actually said “I’ve got the most brilliant idea for a blog post!” only to realize an hour later that your perfect post idea has abandoned you? You’re not a blogger if you haven’t had at least a dozen of your best ideas fizzle and die.Write them down or add them to your Evernote.  Even a title might inspire you later.
  2. Write right away: This is one of my best friend‘s tips – she says that when inspiration strikes she just starts writing until she’s got it all out. This leaves her with something to go back and review.  I have a harder time getting myself to actually sit down and write a spur of the moment idea, but this post is an example of just one such sudden idea.
  3. Write something every day: Seriously, some of my best posts have been those that I just sat down with my computer and starting spilling ideas out. Whether you have ground-breaking ideas or not, writing them out will keep you moving forward!
  4. Or take a day off: Here’s the deal – it’s your blog! If you feel overwhelmed, take a break! Take a day off and completely forget you even own a blog. And come back feeling refreshed and ready to blog like a champ!
  5. If you’re really stuck, post some interesting links: This is a strategy utilized by just about every blogger out there. Post other blog posts that you found interesting and give reasons why. Share interesting applications and how they relate to the theme of your blog. These posts will shape up nicely and give your readers a better idea of what inspires you.
  6. Get away from your computer and try making a blog post on other media: who doesn’t like a hand-written blog post? Or a fun doodle to break up the monotony of daily writing? Try working with a different kind of media to get your creative juices flowing!
  7. Try writing a list: Oh… this is clearly what I’m up to today. Lists are a great way to keep blogging without the hassle (and stress) of writing a super cohesive post. Lists are everywhere and they’re a pretty wonderful way to share your ideas.

So there you have it. I wish all of my fellow bloggers all the best, especially those who struggle (like myself) to keep their momentum up. If all else fails, remind yourself why you started blogging in the first place!



11 thoughts on “What Next? How to Maintain Your Blogging Momentum

    1. It’s definetly hard to get into the habit of writing ideas down right away, but it does make blogging a lot easier!

  1. Hi Elle,

    I’ve just started blogging, I have so many ideas for my blog, but I had troubled getting it started. Your suggestions sure helps! Thanks!

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