My 10 goals before turning 26


I recently turned 25.

Every year I try to spend some time on my birthday to think about what I’ve accomplished in the past year, and to dream up some ideas of things that I  might want to try out in the year to come.  I know this is a pretty organized way to dream up new goals – but without reflection, I would probably never challenge myself.

Anyway, if you can’t read my writing in the image above, here’s the list in full…

Top 10: new things to try before turning 26.

  1. Write and publish my first ebook: this promises to be a hefty challenge, but I think that it’s about time to take writing seriously!
  2. Visit a new city (outside of New Brunswick): actually when I think of it now, I’ve probably visited all of the cities in NB… I am hoping that this goal takes me farther than I’ve ever been before!
  3. Stop biting my nails and get my first (ever) manicure: this one has spent 3 years on my to-do list, and I have been getting off to a great no-nail-biting start on it. Will need a lot of will-power to kick my nail biting habit though!
  4. Read 25 new inspirational/classic books: I’ve already read my first book “Steal like an Artist”, which rekindled my love of reading – hope to find 24 more excellent books to inspire me!
  5. Reach a fundraising goal for a good cause: I already have a cause in mind, and I am looking forward to working with a team to make this one a reality.
  6. Visit my best friend: I haven’t seen her since Christmas 2010 – but we keep in contact every day. I really hope that this one works out!
  7. Take a creative class: writing? Some kind of art? Dance? Let’s see what Fredericton offers me!
  8. Play paintball: this would involve me stepping well outside my comfort zone, but I have always wanted to try my hand at paintball… we’ll see how I fare.
  9. Volunteer for an organization new to me: I stopped volunteering while I was in university, but I am looking for a new opportunity to get back out and make a difference in my community. I have a couple ideas in mind.
  10. Get back into running – run a race: This one might not be completely new to me, but after a lot of running failure, it will certainly be an accomplishment!
So those are my 10 fun goals to try out this year. I should also make a list of 10 adult goals to accomplish this year, like getting a job and moving out, but I feel like those are going to happen in due time!
I’m going to focus on living each day and continuing to enjoy my life even while my job situation is kind of rough. Might as well enjoy myself while I work toward larger goals!


15 thoughts on “My 10 goals before turning 26

  1. Nice list, one thing that i’ve found and blogged about is the need for our goals to have a deeper meaning. Each of the 10 you’ve listed should be connected in an overall purpose. Alot of goals I set in 2011 simply fell by the wayside, not because I couldn’t achieve them but because they lacked any real meaning.

    I look forward to reading about your progress!

    1. I absolutely agree with you – goals have to be tied to something deeper to make them significant. My goals may seem a bit superficial at first glance, but all of the things I’ve written on this list stem from a desire to enrich my life and try new things.

      I actually got a lot of great ideas by reading the positivity blog’s free ebook called the 7 Timeless Habits of Happiness ( It got me thinking that if I’m doing things that I love with the people I love, then I will be better equipped to bring my positivity to my job hunt and other aspects in my life.

  2. Good luck with your list! I make a similar list every year, and then revisit it when I make the next one to see how I did. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s sort of amazing what you can accomplish when you have your mind set out to do something :) It will be fun to track your progress!

  3. For #4 I would recommend reading “Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson who got lost hiking in Pakistan and ended up going back to build schools. It’s really awesome. Good luck!

  4. That is so cool that you took a picture of your journal to incorporate in the blog! Very cute and creative. If I wrote something like this, I would be taken aback to have to write “My 10 goals before turning 61.” I have been blessed to live a very interesting, creative life besides working full time at very highly structured jobs. I only started writing these kinds of goal journals when I was about 50 years old and realized times a fleeting and it runs away faster then you can imagine when you are busy living each day to the fullest. You might want to read “living artfully” by Sandra Magsamen. She has a line of word art in some of the high end gift shops. Also, Toronto used to be a pretty interesting city, have not been there in the last 13 years. Good luck with your goals and keep making them!

    1. Thank you. I’ve added Living Artfully to my ever-growing to-read list. I’ve already noticed that time is slipping away faster than I would like it, so I’m always trying to come up with ways to get myself off the couch for some new adventures.

  5. Paintballing is a great goal! I went for my first time last summer at Center Parcs and won’t ever forget it (probably because of all the bruises I got)…

  6. Haha. I thought I was weird enough to get my firs manicure this year, February, and I am 23. Hehe.
    I like the part that you call them goals when some people call them resolutions. Goals sound achievable and more sincere. hehehe Nice.

    1. Thanks for pointing out my use of the term “goal”. I think subconsciously I used the term “goal” to make accomplishing these tasks seem more attainable.

      And if I can make if for a couple more weeks without biting my nails WHILE looking for a job, I think it will be a personal achievement worth treating myself to my first-ever manicure.

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