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Spontaneous Motivation: I’m Training for a Half-Marathon

It’s been a long time since I’ve run a race of any distance. And in less than 10 weeks from today, I intend to make my slow and steady return to the sport of distance running.

Gotta love my running hair ;) windswept at its finest.

Remember back in December when I was lamenting my lack of motivation to run? Yesterday it returned to me completly out of the blue when I saw a tweet saying that there were still 10 weeks left before the Fredericton half marathon.

So then I tweeted this... and decided that I was up for it within the hour.

TEN WEEKS! I think I can get in good enough shape to take it on!

After a pretty decent 5k run last night, I think that a 21.1 km race might be just within my reach.  That is, if you’re willing to overlook how long it takes me to get it done!

I enjoy running, but most of all, I love the thrill of a race day. It’s an exciting event to work towards – and for me that’s the best kind of motivator. I find that the half marathon distance provides the opportunity to train for something that’s a little bit outside of my comfort zone and the training still fits comfortably into my schedule.

I can hardly wait to get back out on the sidewalks – although after the past couple days of snowfall, I have a feeling I just might have to.  Spring is on the way!



8 thoughts on “Spontaneous Motivation: I’m Training for a Half-Marathon

  1. No doubt you can do it! I hope you enjoy the cold and snow while training or at least go to Nasis :P

    1. Good call on Nasis actually – I was thinking of training on treadmill until the snow thaws out a little but the track might be better.

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