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My Monthly Challenge for March

It’s March already! My last two challenges month-long challenges did not go as planned. I cheated a little during Buy Nothing January and my February creativity month succeeded in teaching me nothing more than creativity cannot be rushed.

I wish I could drop everything this month and pursue some great challenge to make up for lost time. Unfortunately, my schedule has me stretched pretty thin as it is. And I have to restart my job search.

So I’ve decided to make use of this month in a different way – I’ll be reading books that are aimed at bettering my future and giving me a head-full of ideas to play with as I try to figure out the age old question of:

What do I really want to do with the rest of my life??

I’ll be spending the month making calls to potential employers, fixing up my resume, and trying to once and for all step outside of my shell and get networking. And trust me, that’s enough of a monthly challenge right there!

I’m starting off the month by reading “You Majored in What?: Mapping Your Path From Chaos to Career“, which is a kind of guidebook that is appropriate for any recent or soon-to-be graduate from any discipline.  The book encourages its reader to think in a non-linear fashion about their entire body of skills and talents while they pursue a career that may or may not be related to their university degree.

This is a great read for someone like me, who is debating between Biology and… everything else. Its got me thinking that I don’t have to pursue a career in science at all, which is kind of a hard concept to grasp when I’ve been living biology for 7 years. There’s a whole world of opportunity outside of the literal bounds of my university degree… and I might just try dabbling in some of my other interests for a while.

This fortune-cookie suggested that I might be more than just a biologist. Just saying.

So follow along this month as I dive back into my job search. I’ll be posting articles, inspiration, and more of my own revelations as I attempt to figure out where to go next.

I guess it’s Career Month.



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