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I’m Wearing Pink for Anti-Bullying Day

Today isn’t just February 29th, it’s National Anti-bullying day. And I believe that no one should be subject to bullying. As a kid, I was bullied. I wore glasses, had long blonde hair, and maintained good grades – on top of just generally being an incredibly awkward person. I was picked on by girls and boys; called… Continue reading I’m Wearing Pink for Anti-Bullying Day

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The dark truth about ecology

My hometown is nestled on a hillside which is also home to a number of wetlands and marshes. These unsightly lands provide a number of interesting ecosystem services to our city free of charge – like erosion control and natural water filtration. It’s an ecologist’s dream come true to see them preserved in such large… Continue reading The dark truth about ecology

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Passwords make me crazy

This morning I can’t for the life of me remember my university web-services password. This seems to be a fairly common occurrence. Every couple of days I set up a new online account for something or other, leaving my  mind saturated with broken bits of passwords that aren’t really words, include assorted numbers, random punctuation,… Continue reading Passwords make me crazy


Do All Graduates Feel Like Frauds?

I’ve always known one thing: I want to be a writer. Fiction? Scientific? I don’t know exactly what genre. I just want to write and have my work published (and appreciated). But now wonder if I’m qualified to be a real writer. Or if such a qualification even exists. Because why on earth would someone… Continue reading Do All Graduates Feel Like Frauds?

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How I Stifled my own Creativity

If I have learned anything this month, it’s this: You can’t rush creativity. This month, my personal challenge was to put aside some time each day to get creative. I wanted to encourage myself to get back into art and to try out some new DIY projects. However, despite sounding like a fun way to… Continue reading How I Stifled my own Creativity