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My February Projects

Hi there.

This February for me is a chance to start (and hopefully finish) a number of artsy projects that I have intended to do for a while now. It’s my Fascination February!

Trace objects found in my purse - actually kind of pretty... :)

So I officially started my project yesterday, and quickly found myself overwhelmed with all the possibilities of where to start. I ended up doing a little of this and that, while getting things in order for the month to come.

I'm going to make an inspiration board in this fabric-lined, glass-enclosed case.

So for project ideas, I have:

  • The many projects specified on my pinterest Craft Board
  • Wreck This Journal
    (still have a surprisingly long way to go on it)
  • My inspiration board
  • Smashbook
  • Crochet – I’m thinking about starting a blanket… we’ll see
  • Turning some maps into something beautiful
  • Drawing with markers and pastels
Can’t wait to get going on these!
I've got all my supplied organized into photo/repurposed shoe boxes. I love organization.



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