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Starting off my February Challenge With a SMASH

Remember how gloomy I was in January?

WELL MY JANUARY CHALLENGE IS OVER FOLKS! And my February challenge promises to be crazy awesome fun. (yes, I know it’s January 31, but I decided to lend an extra day to February).

It’s time to get creative…

I’m calling it Fascination February – so named because I’ll be exploring the world of art. It will be a month of creating, experimenting, and being inspired by the world around me.

Speaking of inspired… I’ve recently discovered my new favourite thing. Readers, I would like to introduce you to my new Smashbook.

I know, it kind of looks like a bird has been smashed inside...

What’s a smash book?  It’s a kind of journal/scrapbook hybrid that provides space to store anything from mementos (my intended use), recipes, photos, or any kind of clipping. I’ve already started adding mementos from memory boxes that span as far back as I can remember. It’s a great art project to start off my month creatively.

A super Cute Christmas card from my bff? SMASHED :)

So far, I’ve only worked on one page, which had the statement “I am.” in the background. Naturally, I filled it with some of my most cherished photos that were just sitting in a memory box getting torn and crumpled. It’s great to see that even as a kid I had the same love of nature, enthusiasm for dressing up, and ability to laugh at myself. I am unique :)


So February is already treating me well! Can’t wait to get my hands on more fun DIY projects!



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