Buy nothing January: results


I’d like to say that my challenge to buy nothing during the entire month of January went off without a hitch, but that would be a bit of a lie.

In truth: it was impossible to buy nothing. I did, however, succeed in buying less, cut my impulse spending down to next to nothing, and not make a single clothing purchase despite massive January sales – that’s got to count for something.

At the same time I know I cheated here and there. I went out for meals with friends, I purchased a couple items that could have waited until the end of then month, and I really didn’t spend much time reflecting or learning about consumerism. The challenge became overwhelmingly dull.

So I’m not really sure whether I should classify my month’s accomplishments as success or failure. A little of both? At least I’ve learned a lesson about monthly challenges – they need to be interesting! I can’t make myself do something that gets duller and duller as the weeks pass, especially during the darkest, coldest month of the year! I need to pick things that inspire me, that help me to look at things in a new way, or lead to measurable rewards. Like blogging every day for a month!

At any rate, I am looking forward to my February month-long challenge, which I’ll be starting tomorrow in order to get a full month in. I’ll be doing something artistic every day and documenting the results here on my blog. The challenge? I’m not particularly artistic, but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to get into.

Should be entertaining at any rate. And a great way to make some of my mementos into art and to try out a few DIY projects that I’ve been looking forward to!






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