Procrastination: the things I do when I’m too lazy to blog

Hi there!

So today… I’ve sat down to write a blog post at least 10 times…

And guess what – my procrastination instinct kicked in every time!

Sometimes I just scroll through unrelated photos that I've taken instead of writing. This is a gecko

I think it’s because I don’t have deadlines these days.  My brain seems to crave the thrill of putting things off – there really is a certain thrill that comes with pushing things off until the last minute and then just racing through them like you’re being chased by a hungry bear.

So here’s a list of the many things that I did to procrastinate today. (enjoy):

  • ate oatmeal while browsing through new facebook updates
  • talked to my cat about her plans for the day
  • started to get my laundry together, but failed to put it in the machine
  • went to work (actually a pretty valid excuse)
  • had lunch with the bf
  • took an extra long wander through the biology department to look at plants and stuffed birds
  • watched Criminal Minds
  • set the table for dinner
  • watched Touch (and bawled my eyes out… seriously)
  • texted my friend. A lot.
  • enjoyed an entire cup of tea while reading through several days of the Charade Make Your Life Amazing 2012 series (kind of upset that I didn’t follow along with this during January!) and LifeHack’s Forward15 article.

Actually a pretty decent day ;)

How do you procrastinate?



4 thoughts on “Procrastination: the things I do when I’m too lazy to blog

    1. That’s how it used to be when I was in school, but now that I’ve graduated and have two part-time jobs, blogging is actually the only thing I do consistently. So in my mind blogging is one of the few things I can procrastinate at. Funny how things change!

  1. How do I procrastinate? Let me count the ways…
    Mostly just by not doing the thing I’m putting off. I put off housework by writing. I put off writing by browsing the web. I put off anything by curling up with a good (or even average to poor) book. I’d put off procrastinating if I could!

    I like the gecko :)

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