Another Look Inside my Wreck This Journal: Dragons, Fish, and Greyfriar’s Bobby??

As promised, here is another look inside my Wreck this Journal

Also, Happy Chinese New Year…

An inkblot heart made of DRAGONS?! Perfect for Chinese New Year :)

I spent a year studying abroad in Scotland under the pretense of discovering my true calling and finding myself – all that 20-something nonsense that sounds super profound at the time.  While I was there I documented the time artistically in my Wreck This Journal (for more examples, see here and here).

I had the best time ever making a heart-shaped inkblot that immediately reminded me of two dragons (or legendary Pokemon).  I’m sure that speaks volumes about my personality… I’m really just a huge geek.

Write one word over and over... Well you can see what I chose!

It took me a couple tries to finish writing one word over and over enough times to cover these two pages – and I was over halfway through before I realized the true artistic potential of this activity! I chose the word FISH because I was studying to become a fisheries Biologist.  I did my MSc thesis on a species of fish, I honed my electrofishing sampling technique, and I even tried a very British meal of fish and chips. I truly embodied all things fish-related while living in Scotland.

Writing with the pen in my mouth was not my forte - and drawing was even worse!

So this last picture tells a couple stories – although even I can’t decipher them. I attempted to draw (with the pen in my mouth) a Scottish flag and the statue Greyfriar’s Bobby (it’s a little dog statue in the heart of Edinburgh) without much success. I also wrote about my excitement to visit Portugal, my exam stress, and something about wishing my friend Tiana still had… work? wings? I’m not really sure what that says. But I wish her all the best regardless.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this look inside my journal. :)



4 thoughts on “Another Look Inside my Wreck This Journal: Dragons, Fish, and Greyfriar’s Bobby??

  1. i love this. i really want to get a Wreck This Journal, but i haven’t found the extra money lying around to do so. hopefully soon!

  2. I was just looking at entries with the Wreck This Journal tag – I love it, it’s so much fun isn’t it? I love your ‘fish’ page and the reasons for it. And you are very good drawing with the pen in your mouth!! I can’t draw that well with a pen in my hand so I dread to think what that particular page is going to look like!!!

    You seem interesting, I’m going to follow you :-)

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