Inspiration After my First Day on the Job

Hi there,

Today I started a new job. It’s only a part-time gig, but I’m helping out with research that’s pretty similar to the stuff that I might like to conduct on my own one day. So a tiny step up in the graduate world.

My brain is pretty frazzled after my first long day staring at the computer screen, so I’ve decided to share a few links that I’ve enjoyed recently.  I hope you can use the inspiration too.

Terribleminds published this great list of 25 things that writers should stop doing. I’m definitely guilty of putting writing off and moaning about how much I wish I could just focus on it. Going to have to pick up the old keyboard and get back to writing stories!

Alice in Paris is a super charming blog that I recently stumbled upon written by another Eastern Canadian.  She wrote an interesting post today about how she got into blogging.

I love the Freedom Experiment, and this post on 10 ways to relax after a long day is a perfect read after my first full day at work in a long time. I hope I can get back into the swing of things!

Hope you enjoy these links. Now I’m going to pass out.



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