Repurposing my Mementos into Art

I’m 2 weeks into Buy Nothing January and things seem to be going great.

This week I’m continuing to de-clutter my life by getting going through a lifetime of mementos and figuring out ways to repurpose them into art. I’m a bit of a traveller, so most of my mementos are in the form of museum pamphlets, sea shells, photographs, and MAPS.  I am definitely a map hoarder/enthusiast.

Next month I will be doing a 30 day challenge that focuses around doing art every day. My mementos will help fuel this outbreak of artistic endeavors. I can’t wait to transform them into beautiful things to remind me of my travels and also reduce my keepsake boxes down to something that’s a little less of a fire-hazard.

Here are some artistic map repurposing ideas that I found on pinterest. Check out my “craft ideas” board to see all of my favourites.

Map butterflies?! YES PLEASE!
Using a map as a photo map might be a great way to display photos from my travels.
Using a map as a photo map might be a great way to display photos from my travels.
These carefully cut silhouettes would make beautiful wall hangings.

I can’t wait to get my memento repurposing started!



6 thoughts on “Repurposing my Mementos into Art

  1. That’s such an amazing idea! I would be too afraid to cut up something I love though. Even if it was to make something wonderful.
    I can’t wait until your challenge next month, I look forward to seeing what you create!

  2. I’m considering doing Art Journalling as my February challenge, and I plan to use some of my mementoes too, like maps :) Pinterest is great! So many ideas, so little time… I already pinned so much I couldn’t do it all in a year if I did a project a day! I’ve pinned several things with maps for round the home too.

  3. What a great idea! I need to do this. I have boxes and bags full of things I bring back from my travels and then never do anything with. My February is looking pretty bad on the money front so maybe staying in and turning all this stuff into art is a good idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

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