Monthly Challenge: Buy Nothing January


Happy New Year readers!

I had a great Sunday off after a long month of blogging continuously. Today I am ready to start talking about my January goal of buying nothing. All month!

The “buy nothing month” has actually been a pretty popular topic among bloggers, particularly environmentalists, who are either trying to save money or become more aware of the purchases that they make. I am looking to do both – as a recent graduate with a very limited income it’s important for me to live within my means and keeping away from debt. I am also very interested in taking a good look at what I do buy in order to avoid collecting any unnecessary items.

This next month will be all about looking at what I do have, what I buy a lot of (clothes), where my money goes, and how I can change my shopping habits for the better. All the while I will not be buying anything new, apart from the necessities of food and toiletries, in order to save money and better appreciate my belongings.

I started my New Year off by cleaning out my entire room. I’m planning to blog about how I sorted though my wardrobe tomorrow. I still need to deal with my accumulated school notes and various keepsakes over the next month… I’m thinking about art projects that will preserve bits and pieces in a way that keeps them presentable and out of the way. Pinterest here I come!

I think that the hardest part about this month-long challenge will be keeping away from buying clothes. I work in a retail store and find myself bombarded with beautiful clothes on a day-to-day basis. I am hoping to tackle my desire to fill my already crowded closet with more things by appreciating the things I already have. And maybe making a list of the last few pieces that I need to “complete” my adult wardrobe. We’ll see ;)

I wish you the best of luck with your January goals!




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