Reflections on my Month-long Blogging Challenge

Blogging this past month has given me a new perspective on my life.

This past month has gone by quickly and I’m pleased to say that I’ve succeeded at my goal of blogging every day for the month of December!

Today is a doubly great day for me, because as I sit here reflecting on what I have accomplished this December, I am realizing how much blogging has changed my life.


This past month has had me working non-stop; both in my retail job, and here on my blog. I’ve had days where I’m on my feet from 8 am until midnight trying to fit in as much work, family-time, and friend-time as humanly possible – as any typical December should be. The only difference this year is that I’m on my toes all the time thinking of new ideas to write, interesting photos to take, and finding time to sit down and pull it all together. It’s exhausting, but the benefits have been innumerable.

The benefits of blogging? You won’t believe how many things have changed in my life since the beginning of December.

Things first began to change for me on December 9th, when one of my blog posts was freshly pressed on wordpress. The flood of new readers was unbelievable! And suddenly I saw that people were interested in my writing, which gave me the confidence to tell my family and friends about my new blog. And they loved it! Suddenly I had confidence in my writing.

That newfound confidence started to pour over into other aspects of my life. I wrote about working in retail and suddenly found myself reflecting on better ways to do my job. I was making more sales and feeling more confident talking to strangers than ever before…

Which leads me to my big news of the day. Just hours after writing about my New Years resolution to gain entry-level employment in my friend, I received a temporary job offer! I had applied to a position at the beginning of the month but it wasn’t until I started writing about being underemployed that I decided that I needed to be a bit more aggressive in my job searching strategy. I followed up on a job, and sure enough, I received an interview. I am still underemployed (since it’s a part-time contract position) but I have my first big break into Science.

This month has also helped me to develop my blogging voice and eyes. I have so many people telling me these days that they’ve read what I write here and they love it. It’s a whole new feeling of acceptance for me – and I love it.

So thank you to everyone who has helped me in any way over the past month, be you a reader, a friend, or a wonderful commenter. You’ve helped me pick myself back up and get going towards the life that I want. I never would have thought that something as little as blogging could have such an impact on my life and I am so glad that I gave it a try.

I will continue to blog and urge others to do so as well.

Happy New Year!






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