Blogging Resolutions for the New Year

I’m one day away from reaching my month-long blogging goal!


The joy of accomplishing my goal of blogging every day in December will be second only to building this 6x6x6 square with my Bucky balls

It’s been a good month for me – filled with unanticipated twists and turns. Now I’m not going to get all sentimental yet, I‘ll save that blog post for tomorrow, instead I want to continue along the line of thought that I was on yesterday.

New Years resolutions.

Or, in this case, blogging resolutions.

I have come to love writing. This past month has opened my eyes to new possibilities that I (a scientist) had not considered. I intend to keep on blogging about my adventures on my transition from university student into proper adulthood. And I hope people continue to read along. I want this blog to be the its absolute best.

Since I like to write out a plan for accomplishing my goals, here are just a few “blogging resolutions” that I hope to accomplish in the year to come.

    • To blog every weekday (Monday to Friday)
    • To include a unique photo/image with each post
    • To do my best proofreading for my on-the-go entries
    • To take Sundays off from blogging entirely
    • To share 12 monthly challenges; be they successes or failures
    • To maintain a dialogue with my readers
    • To be honest
    • To stop obsessing over views and comment numbers
    • To become comfortable promoting my blog to people that I know and meet
    • To post efficiently

    So those are the goals that I’ve come up with for this blog. Do you have similar goals for your blog?

    Happy New Year!




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