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On Developing my Blogging “Eyes” and “Voice”

Sharing my quirky stories and traditions is always super fun - is this a candy? or a package of batteries??

This month I challenged myself to blog every single day.  And I am now just 4 posts shy of success. :)

As this chaotic month draws to a close, I am pleased to say that I have gained so much from this experience. One of my blog posts was freshly pressed – giving me the chance to bring the issue of how far our fruit travels into the thoughts of many. I’ve gained 151 followers and over 10,000 page views this month – more than I would have imagined in my wildest dreams. And I proved to myself that I can accomplish a goal if I set my mind to it.

This month has been awesome.

One of the most important things that I have experienced in the past month is the development of my writing voice. I have read countless articles, most over at copyblogger and lifehack, on how to blog. Also, this article posted by my real-life best friend on knowing your online character has given me more than a little to think about. In the past month I have been talking to countless people about my blog posts – all of whom have informed me that they can hear my voice when they read my writing.

That’s kind of exactly what I was going for.

I'm still trying to master the "self-portrait"

Developing a “blogging voice” is one of the keys to having a well-read blog. People are not interested in boring, lifeless posts; they want something that flows nicely with few grammatical/spelling errors. Just like people, a blog needs to have personality, and a well-loved blog should have a personality that’s easy to relate to.

Unique camera angles and fun settings make my photos more personalized

Arguably, the blogger’s eye is just as important as their voice. By eye, I mean how the blogger visually portrays their topic. Kids these days are very visual – and with beautiful high definition screens to read your blog posts on, it would be a shame not to include at least one picture per post. Or one drawing, as is sometimes the case on my blog.

I’m not a photography wizard, but I try to make use of unique camera angles and fun camera settings to liven up my photos. Apps like and camera effects make this easy to do. This lets your readers see get a better understanding of how you perceive the world, and gives them something interesting to look at.

Did you find any of these hints helpful? Or do you have any blogging tips that you would like to share? Please let me know in the comments.



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