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5 Last Minute Shopping Tips for the Women in Your Life

In the past week I have witnessed the gift-selection process first hand. And what I’ve noticed most frequently is how much people struggle when selecting the perfect present for any woman on their list.

Carnivorous plants?! No thanks!

I work in a high-end woman’s clothing store that specializes in business and casual wear. Now, my store offers a more individualized shopping experience, so we’ll do our best to help you find that perfect something. But this isn’t always the case.

If you’re set on finding clothing of any kind, you’re likely in for a bumpy ride. So for all those last minute clothing shoppers out there, here’s some last minute gift advice:

1. Know what you’re looking for. Or at least a rough idea – do you want a shirt? Sweater? Coat? (these are the easiest to pick out for someone because they’re not as fitted). Items like blazers, pants, and dresses are a bit harder to pick out without having her try them on, particularly when they are of a more tailored variety. Also, take note of colours that reoccur in her wardrobe – these are likely her favourite, most-flattering colours.

2. Try to figure out her sizes before you head out to the store. I know, this sounds like a huge pain, but it’s worth it when she doesn’t have to stand through the return/exchange line after Christmas. This can be one easily by taking a peek at a similar item that she wears frequently. Oh and this leads into my next tip…

3. Ask the retail associate if they have your special someone on file. Some stores, particularly higher-end boutiques, keep track of customer purchases. This can really speed up the process, and is frequently done in cosmetic stores as well (hint hint).

4. Never buy a woman spanx. Seriously, these shaping undergarments are a godsend, but unless a woman tells you TO YOUR FACE that she wants to unwrap them at Christmas, they are not a gift idea. Trust me, it’s the equivalent of calling a loved one “fat” to her face, and you do not want to do that!

5.There’s nothing wrong with a gift card. From her favourite store, of course! Wrap it up with a simple scarf or pair of mittens and you can’t go wrong!

Bonus tip: Next year, ask her to set some items on hold at her favourite store. You can just pop in, see what she’s already approved, and make a selection. Everyone is satisfied!

Hope this helps out any last minute shoppers out there!

Happy Holidays!



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