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Losing my Mind: Why I Can’t Stand Calling Customer Service

If there’s one thing that I can put off for ages, it’s calling customer service.

I have to call customer service? DEAR GOD NO!

I actually believe that retailers rely on people being so dissatisfied with the entire process of replacing something to keep people from even attempting it. And perhaps to keep the cycle of consumerism going.

I try my best to buy good quality products that will survive the test of time. I always take good care of all my electronics, I do a lot of research before I buy, and I’m pretty loyal to the brands that I purchase. So when something breaks, I’m pretty surprised and almost always want a simple exchange so I can use my device again.

Well isn’t that an absolute impossibility…

Instead of getting my defective product replaced, I end up in a heated argument between myself and about 20 different customer service representatives, all of whom provide conflicting advice. I get told that my refund has been issued to a credit card account that has been closed for months AFTER telling the initial customer service representative not to issue me a monetary refund to begin with. I JUST WANT A NEW ONE.

Even complaining about products blows up in my face. For example, the last time I submitted a customer complaint about a set of razor blades, I received a coupon for more of the same shitty razor blades, and a second one for a free box of tampons. WELL I’M GLAD YOU THINK YOU’RE FUNNY BECAUSE MY LEGS ARE ALL CUT TO SHIT.

I waste actual hours of my life arguing back and forth, and for what? An electronic that’s probably outdated now and will be obsolete by the time my refund goes through. This is why I paid a fortune for the thing in the first place – to avoid it breaking and save my sanity.

I really just want a simple exchange. 

…and if I don’t get one soon I am going to start pointing fingers. And I have something like 1000 followers on my various social networks… You do the math.



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