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5 Ways to Start Doing Something

My partners in procrastination crime

Some days I just don’t want to do anything.

Since I’m underemployed, I feel that my days off from retail should be spent in bed with my laptop. Relaxing.

I’m well aware that this strategy is getting me nowhere. For example, despite the fact that I did manage to find a job to apply to this morning, the advertisement sits open on my desktop while I try to build up the strength and patience to send in my resume and well-tailored cover letter. So in an effort to gain the momentum to get that application done and get to work on a week’s worth of blog drafts, here’s a list of my five best strategies to get something started. 

Let’s get some momentum going!

1. Get dressed. If you’ve ever been unemployed, you’ll understand why I’ve written this down. Some days it’s actually a challenge for me to get dressed in something less casual than my wrinkled pajamas, especially if I know that I’m not going outside. But getting yourself dressed, showered, and doing your normal makeup routine will help you to feel more like… yourself.

2. Clear your workspace. For me, that means clearing off all the distracting pieces of paper on my desk and filing them appropriately. A clean workspace is inspiriting, and always makes me want to crack open my idea notebook and go to town!

3. Make yourself a steaming cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate. Sip it slowly from your workspace. Relax. And then begin.

4. Write a to-do list. Now I’m not saying you have to follow this list through to completion. The act of making a list is sometimes all you need to mentally process and organize your tasks. Just be sure to keep going after you have the list plotted out.

5. Break your task into smaller tasks. And start by working through the easiest, most pleasant on of these tasks. Sometimes doing a little something is all you need to get the ball rolling.

Are you moving yet? Just making this little list has got me going! I wish you all the best of luck on getting projects started – especially those of you who are job searching!





3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Start Doing Something

  1. Good post. I disagree with doing the easy stuff first though. You take up your morning getting tasks like ‘paint nails a slightly different shade of red’ done and end up shelving ones like ‘find a job’.

    1. Good call on where to go once you’ve got your momentum built up.

      I like to start with one really easy task before switching gears and getting down to business – like checking my email or sending a quick follow-up note. I find if I start on a good hand, then it’s much easier to lead into the more loaded stuff like updating a cover letter or editing my resume.

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