Setting Goals for the New Year

Lately I’ve had one thing on my mind: Christmas.

The Feeney's Victorian Christmas

Since I work in retail, I live and breathe Christmas these days, so much so that I haven’t really slowed down long enough to think about the actual holidays themselves. And what I hope to accomplish in the next year. So let’s talk about goals for the new year!

I know, I know, setting New Years resolutions is super pointless. In fact, my resolution this year was to graduate (a certainty) and get a job in my field (so… at the time I thought I had that in the bag). No one actually keeps new years resolutions, and if they did I doubt that I would want to read about it (unless it was to make me laugh every day – anyone want to resolve to that?).

No, I’m planning to forgo the disappointment of New Years resolutions by setting just one:

To attempt a new 30 day challenge each month. 

I think I’ve spoken enough about what constitutes a 30 day challenge in my posts here, here and here, and now I am ready to set my first few in stone.  Possibly.

January: Buy nothing month

This promises to be more than a little challenge for me.  Since I work in retail, I am constantly bombarded with new and exciting clothing to buy.  But it’s not really my style to have a wardrobe full of unnecessary clothing! In fact, over the past year I’ve lived out of a suitcase, with only a handful of basics to get me through.

I intend to blog about my experiences, both in not buying additional things, in taking a closer look at what I already have, and about how I created a streamlined wardrobe to get me through a year abroad.  Oh, and also about different types of “organic fabrics”, because I am kind of a huge fashion nerd.

February: Art appreciation month

I really love art. But in the past year I’ve pretty much dropped it from my interests in favour of laying around, staring blankly at the TV, and surfing pinterest. This Feburary I want to get back into doing something I LOVE by spending 20-30 minutes doing something artsy each day.

I’ll be blogging about DIY projects, my thoughts on different products, and (of course) lots of photos of my projects.

So those are my current ideas to get the year started. Let me know what you think, or if you have posts you’d like to see related to my challenges. I’ll still be blogging about the joys of unemployment, so keep following along :).



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