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Christmas light shows make my life


I’m  having one of those on-your-feet-8-until-midnight days. I guess that’s how things are this time of year. Rather than blowing my December writing challenge off, I’m going to post from my smart phone.

Firstly I want to share this photo that I took Wednesday night. I actually saw a Christmas light display set to music! Incredible! I’ll share more from it on Sunday :)

This week has been hectic. I work in retail and it seems like people are having a hard time accepting that the holidays are upon us. Which means chaos breaks out from time to time as people flood into stores in search of something, ANYTHING, to get for everyone on their list. What a strange holiday – where stress builds up so high that we forget why we’re shopping. We forget who that person is on the list, and what they mean to us.

I managed to finish most of my Christmas shopping, but finding my way through stores to get it all done was crazy frustrating. This weekend I’ll be hitting up a number of parties with friends new and old. I bet that’s the case for most of you too, so enjoy it! :)

Season’s Greetings!



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