Inspiration Can Come in Strange Cookies

Can you imagine? I might actually HAVE work!
I have a feeling that this one could get a little out of hand...

I really like fortune cookies.

Sure, they kind of taste like those wafers that babies suck on while teething. And I typically have them after eating a meal from the local Chinese take-out, just before my stomach reminds me that too much MSG and battered chicken was a bad call. But do fortune cookies ever make my day.

I’m all for simple pleasures.

In the past year I’ve only had chinese food twice, and both times I’ve nearly lost it laughing at the fortune concealed inside my post-meal cookie. My first, which was “The important thing is to never stop questioning” came during the final month of my Master’s thesis write-up. NEVER stop questioning?! That’s some pretty terrible advice.  If I were to never stop questioning, I’m sure I would still be fretting over my own thesis methods, results, conclusions… and never moving forward.

Silly cookie – sometimes you just have to trust in yourself and your abilities. Constantly questioning yourself and others is not a good strategy! So I’ve decided to rewrite this cookie’s advice:

Don’t second-guess yourself – keep looking forward!

My second fortune was a little more recent, and read “You will be successful in your work”. This was before I had my retail job, so my response was something like “Work? Heck yes cookie, I like the way you predict”. I like to think of this ‘fortune’ as a mantra – you’ll be successful in your work because you are a hard worker. So yea, I’m sure this one is on the verge of coming true, if it hasn’t already.


So even if my fortune cookies aren’t really that instructive, or predictive, I still enjoy their little tidbits of advice. I hope you do too.







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