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Light ‘er up

christmas lights
That's one aggressive display of lights on a very Canadian tree.

Another excellent Sunday has come and gone. Now, less than 2 weeks remain before Christmas day, which can only mean one thing…

I’ve got to get to work on the Angry Birds Advent Calendar.


One of the best parts of living in a small city at this time of year is the joy that comes from experiencing your neighbors aggressively flashy, shockingly vivid, and strangely entrancing holiday light displays.  This is a little joy that I missed out on last year, after being stranded in Scotland for a week while the Heathrow Airport was shut down. The experience showed me how much I truly value my friends and family, particularly during the holiday season, and also demonstrated the joy that holiday traditions bring. And Christmas lights are, unfortunately, one of those traditions that I adore.

Well… I enjoy laughing about the sheer tackiness of them with my friends and family.

Either way, Christmas light displays are a huge part of the holiday season here in Eastern Canada, and I hope to bring you some photos of these over the next few Sundays.

Do holiday light displays make you smile? Do you like the photo of my neighbor’s maple tree all a-glow with regular and LED lights? Let me know in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Light ‘er up

  1. We decorated our tree today. As soon as we were done, my eight-year-old ran through the house shutting off lights. “What are you doing?” I asked.

    “We’ve GOT to see it all pretty,” my daughter said.

    That pretty much sums it up, I think.

    1. Adorable!

      Kids are the best – I love how they remind us to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Like our own hard work on something as simple as our tree lights.

      Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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