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Challenge Yourself for Thirty Days… You Never Know What Will Happen

Oh. My. Goodness.

Yesterday I crossed something incredible off my bucket-list: my blog post was ‘freshly pressed’ on wordpress. 


It’s pretty exciting to see my work posted on the front page, but what’s even more amazing is the amount of traffic that my brand new blog has received. And the comments that I’ve been working my way though have inspired me to keep writing.

I had started writing this blog as a 30 day challenge and honestly hadn’t expected anything to come from it.  Strangely enough, after only 9 days of writing, I’m receiving a lot of really inspirational feedback. There are plenty of people who are currently unemployed, and even more who have been in my situation before.

So my first monthly challenge has been a pretty decent success. I’m beginning to find my writing voice, and I enjoy making use of my (limited) artistic talents to highlight my ideas.  So… now I’m wondering what I should try next.

I’m looking for 12 monthly challenges for 2012.  

More writing? Volunteering? Fitness? Learning something new? I’m definitely going to have to think about it…

Have you ever done a monthly challenge? Do you have any ideas for something new I could try? Let me know in the comments :)



15 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself for Thirty Days… You Never Know What Will Happen

  1. Congrats! It was a great post.

    Oh, and I hereby challenge you to face your biggest fear. For instance, if it’s heights, go skydiving. That’ll make for some interesting writing. :P

    1. I think that it is actually 3 weeks, not three days. I have read that 21 days is what it takes to make something a habit. I know I personally have tried various habits, for this time period and concur that after 3 weeks, things feel like what you should be doing not what you are struggling to accomplish.

      But I am sure that even three days of something will help!! Just keep going…

  2. You could give up alcohol, meat, or junk food for 30 days? Great ways to be healthier, and you end up trying food you normally wouldn’t. I don’t recommend doing them all at once tho – side effects might include nervousness, hallucinations or even depression! lol

  3. Well, I’m doing this thing called cycles. I just went through 30 inconsistent (by that they weren’t as executive as I would have liked – life happens and you really need to keep working at writing everyday) days of pictures. I found it on a friend’s blog and decided to blog through it myself. I explain it on my cycle blog: I’m gonna do a word of the day cycle for the rest of the calendar year. I actually saw your freshly pressed post about your wreck this journal. It reminded me of my own wreck this journal I haven’t started yet. I think that will be my 2012 blogging project.

  4. ohh! I like to live by “six impossible things before breakfast”.. I make a list of six seemingly ‘impossible’ tasks, ideas, etc. and try to get them accomplished.. some have stayed on my list for months & some I cross off within a week or two. It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve actually done something you wanted to accomplish, woot!

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