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It’s Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas…

Santa minus the kids... guess he got into the beans again?

Happy shopping festive season!

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I try my very hardest to find presents for my family and friends at places outside of the mall. Still, I can’t resist a trip up to see the madness from time to time. This morning I went up with my Mom, and was surprised to see that the holiday madness is in full swing – or at least it was out in the parking lot!

We browsed around for a bit, but when it comes to Christmas presents I find the best stuff can be bought online or locally. One thing that has got me thinking about shopping outside of the malls this holiday season is my hometown’s “Bring It Downtown” campaign. Basically, 15 bloggers/twitterers/social media fiends have been give 100$ to spend in the city’s downtown shops provided they document their journey.  I was a little skeptical about this at first, but upon watching @susanholt bringing the love downtown, I was hooked.

The campaign aimed to bring shoppers back into our downtown core at a time where big-box-stores are all the rage and budgets are very tight. It’s a great idea for more serious shoppers, but what I’ve taken away from it is a new appreciation for the goods and services that are available in our cozy little city.  Like a beer tasting at the local pub? The amazing little makeup store I’ve walked past 100 times? That new cafe I’d never even heard of?!   There are so many little gems that I’ve started my own to-do-and-see list, in hopes of beating away the winter doldrums. And I’m definitely going to be posting some of those ideas on here!

So whether you’re from Fredericton or not, I urge you to check out what your city has to offer outside of it’s malls. And for any Frederictonians – check out the Downtown Fredericton blog for some great holiday ideas, or search #bringitdowntown.  You won’t be disappointed. And if you need more holiday gift ideas, I recommend this post written by one of my favourite bloggers, Sarah Von.

This could be improved significantly by replacing the fake snow with 5$ bills...

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