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My Social Media Addictions

Lately I’ve become a bit of a social media junkie.

I’m still hunting for an entry-level position in my field, which leaves me with plenty of free time. Lately I keep occupied by browsing through social networking sites in search of new ideas, inspiration, and entertainment to fill my empty hours between applying to jobs and working part-time.

Like most people, I use facebook and twitter, but lately I’ve been pretty addicted to the following sites as well:

3. Empire Avenue – This site is like a social stock market – an addictive game where your participation in social networks raises your value. I’m just getting established on this community, but have already received lots of positive feedback :) Buy some stocks in me @Ellefeeney.

2. GoodReads – An online reading community. This is a great place to check out book ratings, reviews, and to see what my friends are reading (and can potentially lend me).  I’ve only rated 67 books so far, but you can follow me @ellefeeney.

1. Pinterest – My newest addiction. This site lets you make virtual boards of all your favourite things – from recipe ideas, DIY crafts, and wicked party ideas.  I can’t get enough of the pretty pictures and inspiration! Check out some of my favourite things (like wicked crochet ideas and recipes galore) at @ellefeeney.

Happy browsing!



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