Who Knew Destruction Could Be So Pretty

Have you heard of Wreck This Journal?  If not, it’s basically a notebook with a different destructive activity printed on each page. The purpose – to wreck the journal and create your own work of destructive art. Sound interesting? Check out some photos from mine…


You’re supposed to decorate the front and back cover, so I covered mine in these cool (read: dorky) 3-D sea creature stickers. Most of them have fallen victim to the journal’s adventures, but these few have survived.


Check out my rainbow pages…


This is the inside cover page, which again was supposed to be decorated. I glued  a lot of the stickers that fell off in here, and drew this ugly scribble tree. Oh and that bird looking thing. I am a terrible artist! But I do remember the day that I drew this – I was on my very first field day in my Masters program in Scotland. We were driving through the beautiful hills around Edinburgh, and I had the chance to get my lovely new wellies covered in mud for the first of many times that year. A perfect day for a field biologist.


This page explains the instructions of the book. Unfortunately, I rarely have it on me… probably because I’ve been working on it for a year and a half now. When I originally got this book, my best friend (@tianafeng) and I were heading off in our separate directions after 3 awesome years at university together. We decided to record our adventures in these books, and they’ve become a huge source of entertainment over the past year.


So far, this is my absolute favourite page in the book – I drew a rubber duck with water colour markers just before taking the book into the shower with me. Although the book just sat on the ledge, the moisture and occasional water drops resulting in a work of art!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these few pages of my Wreck This Journal.  I highly recommend this as a gift for anyone that you know who loves being artistic and getting their hands dirty. SO MUCH FUN!



14 thoughts on “Who Knew Destruction Could Be So Pretty

  1. Such an awesome idea. I am hosting an online adventure workshop for women and this would be an awesome ‘Grab Bag’ item for a give away!!

    Thanks for the recommendation and have fun with it! Would love to see some of your artwork!

  2. I have a similar kind of journal I bought earleir this year but haven’t done anything with it yet. The pictures of your journal have made me want to get on and fill mine up!

    Interesting blog by the way. I lived back with my parents for five years as I couldn’t really afford not too. I can imagine how frustrated you feel. I recently moved out and love having my independance back.

    Good luck.

  3. Your shower page is amazing!! I’ve been resisting taking mine in the shower, but now I’ve seen this…I’m doing it!!!

    Did you leave your WTJ open on this page? Did any other pages get affected by the water/moisture? :-S

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