A year of challenges

So as it turns out, there are lots of people who swear by the 30 day challenge.

In fact, there are even websites devoted to 30 day challenges, like, and people who challenge themselves every month like Matt Cutts. So it’s not so much of a novel idea, but I’m still planning to take it on and document the experience here in my blog.

So what will make my personal challenges different?  Well for one thing, I’m as unique as the next person and I have a variety of interests from fly-fishing to crochet. I’m passionate about the environment, I read anything from popular fiction to literary classics, I absolutely adore fashion, and I’m very interested in giving back to my community in Eastern Canada. On top of all that, I already do unusual projects just because, so I’m sure there will be plenty to read about.

I once made a dress entirely from plastic bags by crocheting them together. Modeled by the lovely @tianafeng

I want my challenges to improve my own life, but I also intend to improve the lives of others around me.  My goals will be broken into those four categories: to reach my personal goals, to better the lives of my family and friends, to improve my community, and to raise awareness about the environment.  Some months will be all about personal growth, and encouraging people to give their own goals a try. Other months will be all about raising awareness about something near and dear to my heart. And other months may even be all about contributing to a cause here in my own community. I’m thinking about volunteering with organizations in my hometown, raising funds for causes close at hand, and learning to step outside my comfort zone.

This month I am taking it easy as I continue to brainstorm for the upcoming year.

I will be reading Homer’s great epic poem “The Odyssey”, which was translated into modern English by Robert Fagles.  So far I’m 4 chapters in and sincerely enjoying the story.  Since I’m a biologist, reading classic novels is something that should be outside of my comfort zone, but I don’t think you have to be a student of literature to enjoy a good story. Perhaps reading the modern translation of an epic poem would be frowned upon by some of the more serious literary enthusiasts, but for me reading a classic is all about enjoying the story. I don’t need to understand the deep meaning behind each paragraph or stanza, I’m just looking for a great story that has been loved by generations of people. So I’ll be writing more about my adventures with reading epic poetry and my ideas for new challenges over the next month.

Check it out – this translation makes the Odyssey accessible to the average reader. 


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