Kind of stuck in between

Hi there. I’m Elle. I’m a twenty-something under-employed biologist living in the Maritimes (that’s Eastern Canada). I have a masters degree, plenty of employment experience, a heap of ambition, and have recently moved back in with my parents because, let’s be honest, the job market is saturated with other folk just like me.

This week I started what I have been referring to as my “temporary job” as a sales person. I promised myself a couple months ago that ‘things wouldn’t come to this’ – whatever that means – but a few days ago I saw an opportunity to spend several hours outside of my basement abode each day and I jumped on it like it was the last train out of town. Not that there are trains in this town to begin with. Actually you’d have a better chance of catching a ride on an ATV than the city bus, but that’s the maritimes for ya.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to vent about my crappy life. In fact, it’s just to opposite: I love my life. I have a pretty sweet part-time job, lots of friends and family around to keep me fully entertained, and I’ve finally found my joy in this “in-between” phase I’ve fallen into. I’m still moving forward, if only ever so slightly, toward my goal of becoming a real biologist.

I want to blog about the little joys in my life – the awkward stories, pretty clothes, exciting foods, and all of the inspiring things that I’ve heard… stuff like that. The little things that keep me going, as well as my thoughts on the obstacles that are thrown my way.

So watch me gain momentum as I attempt to break into the adult world. I’ll be glad to have you along for the journey.

<3 Elle


One thought on “Kind of stuck in between

  1. “I’ve finally found my joy in this “in-between” phase I’ve fallen into. ” You’re probably a step ahead of me. I am so ready to be out-between. Ahhh, I know, I know. I should be grateful for wherever I’m at. I’m usually pretty much that, but at this exact moment…I WANT OUT! :o) Congrats on your okayness and I look fwd to reading more of your blogging.

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