Restarting Video Games – Thoughts from Pregnant Gamer


OK – so say you put a video game down after playing for a few hours and then you pick it up again several months later…

Do you start a new save file? Or do you pick up where you left off?

The blogger in me thinks that you should try to pick it back up and go for it. That’s what I would do with a written project. But a video game is different. You can almost remember the story, goals, and gameplay, but something is lost when you put it aside.

Anyway, I’m trying to pick up video gaming again. I know, it sounds like a terrible hobby for an expectant mother, but I need something to get my mind off of everything. I can read no more baby books. And I can sit in chairs no longer. Colouring, painting, and journalling require a similar posture to my work day, so I’m trying out video gaming. And that’s OK.

I kind of wish I were one of those super pregnant woman with a blog called something like ‘my super fit pregnancy’. I would share eating tips and my workouts… Stuff that would be impressive and inspiring. But the reality is that I work full time, have a rough time breathing, and need at least 10 hours of sleep a night. I eat reasonably healthy and take walks every day. But I’m not lifting weights or eating organic. I’m just kind of normal.

And I think that normal is OK.

I think it’s OK to admit that you still have morning sickness or that you have a hard time working. Not every pregnancy is easy – and it gives me hope to know that other women throw up at work. Or have to leave meetings for fear they might faint. Or experience any other weird pregnancy symptom. It’s good to know that not every woman can stay at work until her delivery date – although those women clearly rock and should be acknowledged. We’re all different and there are plenty of right ways to approach pregnancy.

I think I have to start a new save file. I need to clear my head and relearn the game. Because there are so many things going on in my life that stir my thoughts – I’ll never be able to retrace my steps without looking at the bigger picture.

Sometimes in life you can jump back in, but other times you just need to take your time and start over.

Minecraft Pumpkins – Patterns Included!

One of my favourite Halloween activities has always been pumpkin carving.I like to go all out. And this year will be no exception.

This year Scott and I decided to play with the Minecraft theme – because we want to be the coolest kids on the block! (Our friend Greg helped carve the Minecraft pumpkin head – which is my personal favourite!).

Here they are – this year's Minecraft pumpkins #minecraft #creeper #halloween

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These pumpkins were actually very simple. We found the patterns/inspiration online at the following links:

  1. Creeper from ThinkGeek
  2. Creeper inspired by HudsonVisual on DeviantArt
  3. Minecraft Pumpkin from ThinkGeek

I think they turned out fantastic – I honestly can’t stop grinning!

We wanted to be the cool kids on the block, so here's another Minecraft themed pumpkin #minecraft #halloween

A photo posted by Laura Feeney-Greer (@ellefeeney) on

Had a spare 5 minutes this morning, so I finished this pumpkin carving #creeper #minecraft #halloween

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7 Job Seeking Skills You Can Learn From Video Games

I adore video games.

I know what you’re thinking: How on earth can you relate video games to a job search? I believe that inspiration can be found just about anywhere, as long as you’re open to making the connections. And one of my favourite pass-times is certainly a source for inspiration.

I’ve been playing video games since I was four years old. This is one thing that has always made me stand out from my peers. Only recently have I learned that my years and years of video game knowledge has helped me to gain a few skills that set me apart.

So here goes, 7 job seeking skills that you can learn from video games:

1. Persistence. Have you ever tried to catch all of those Pokemon? Or run a profitable farm in Harvest Moon? Or reached 100% completion in a game? I have… and from these (virtual) experiences I have learned that persistence pays off. Don’t be afraid to keep sending out resumes, to contact potential employers, or to keep checking the job boards.

2. Networking. My all-time favourite DOS-game, God of Thunder, taught me that to speak to everyone that I meet. Talking to people in real life has similar benefits to those in your favourite RPG; you’ll forge new relationships, learn new things, and maybe even acquire something that you’ve long been looking for, like a contact or job interview. Don’t be afraid to letting your personality shine!

My favourite game as a 7 year-old-girl was God of Thunder… and it still is! (Image from NottFreki, click for source).

3. Problem solving. Remember all of those crazy-frustrating dungeons in the Legend of Zelda? Or maybe you’re more familiar with puzzles like Tetris or Bejeweled. At any rate, video games can help you hone the patience and resourcefulness needed to solve problems. Use these problem-solving skills to explore new opportunities such as industry-specific job sites, social networks like LinkedIn, or to research internships with companies that interest you.

4. Creativity. Have you tried Draw Something? Are you one of those people who thinks waaaaaayyyy outside the box to depict even simple concepts? Creativity is an excellent way to stand out in a sea of graduates. Use creativity to prepare for tough interview questions, to spice up your resume, or to designing a unique online portfolio.

This is the best example of an overly complicated Draw Something drawing – you can’t guess Pegasus without a full-blown Hercules sitting on his back! (I drew this…)

5. Take on tasks. In Harvest Moon (Tale of Two Towns), you’re able to take on requests in order to make a little money and to increase your friendship points with the residents of the two quarreling towns. Sound familiar? Taking on part-time or temporary employment in order to get your foot in the door is, in my opinion, a great way to get started in a career. Just make sure to do your best in order to build a reputation for excellent work!


Looks like she’s checking out a job board to me! (From Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns)

6. Do your research.  You can’t predict every little detail about a game just by playing it. Sometimes it really pays off to do a little research beforehand in order to understand the main and secondary objectives. The same should apply in real life!  Researching a company before writing a cover letter or attending an interview will give you confidence and let your employer know that you are a serious candidate. It never hurts to be over-prepared, so make use of Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and word of mouth to better understand who it is that you’re meeting. Never rely on instinct, do your research!

7. Relaxing and living in the moment. This is what video games are all about! When you focus all of your energy on your job search it’s easy to get worn out and frustrated. You don’t want to bring a negative attitude into a job interview! So relax, have some fun once in a while, and try to maintain a positive outlook. After-all, you only live once!

What else have I taken away from video games? Frighteningly quick bacteria-colony counting skills (I’m a biologist after-all), the importance of saving my work to avoid heart-break,  keen eye for minute details, and great computer skills. I bet you will have enhanced some skills after years of gaming too.

Are you a job seeker and a video game enthusiast? Do you have any skills to add to my list? I’d be pleased to hear what your thoughts on taking inspiration from video gaming!