DIY Stamped Cards for Every Occasion

As I mentioned in this post on DIY Gift Tags, I recently purchased a set of stamps to create my own Thank You cards. I wanted to create something unique to thank my wedding guests rather than purchasing something without character. As it turns out, stamped cards are easy and fun to make for any occasion – including the upcoming Valentines Day.

thank you card supplies all

DIY cards are fun and easy to make.


  • Blank cards – I buy mine from Winners at 8$ for 50, but these are available at Micheals as well.
  • Scrapbook paper – I got this package on clearance for 3$
  • Stamp and ink pad for your message. Or you could use calligraphy instead – your pick.
  • Glue stick – I tried this originally with hot glue, but the stick works much better.
handmade cards

Step 1 – Cut a piece of paper in a banner shape.

stamped handmade cards

Step 2 – stamp your banner and allow to dry.

handmade thank you card wedding

Step 3 – Glue banner to the card and allow to dry. Voila!

stamp cleaning

Step 4 – clean your rubber stamp by blotting on a damp paper towel

These cards are perfect for customization – add flowers or decals to your hearts content! Write your own heart-felt sentiments on the inside and share them with your loved ones. I promise you, you’ll never buy a store bought card again.

DIY Wedding Save the Date Postcard

wedding save the date postcard
Check out my sweet save the date post cards!

I wish I could take credit for designing these, but I’m happy to share these super sweet free printables from the Wedding Chicks. Just enter your info, choose your favourite colour, and voila – super cute postcards.

We had these printed on glossy Vista Print postcards and they turned out great. I designed the postcard side below:

wedding notice

Caturday DIY – Cat Scratching Post from Recycled Cardboard

Happy Caturday folks!

If you’re still reading this, I’m going to assume that you’re a cat fanatic like myself. :)

Cats love to scratch things. It’s in their genetic-makeup. To deny them this pleasure… well you know what that’s like! The best thing that you can do for your feline friends is provide them with something scratchable – something that they just can’t resist sinking their claws into. It may not save your furniture completely, but the right scratching post will definitely distract them.

DIY cat scratching post

DIY cat scratching post

After moving into our new diggs, Scott and I had an abundance of cardboard boxes. So many, in fact, that our cat-programmed brains couldn’t help but wonder if we could somehow reuse these. That’s when I saw posts about the upcoming (at that time) sky scratcher. I was inspired to put our boxes to good use, so we grabbed a couple scraps of wood and started cutting. We didn’t officially finish the project until this November… so a year and a half of cutting to build it just shy of two feet high.

Check out a similar DIY featured on Maison Kuotidien for instructions on how to make your own.

Our cats can hardly walk past our “cat-scraper” without taking a couple swipes. They love the sound of a string toy passing just close enough to the cardboard to rattle the fibers before slipping out of site. It’s honestly one of the most functional DIY projects we’ve ever taken on and has been in use since April 2013. With the exception of a few loose peices, the tower is in great shape. We expect it to last for years to come!

scratching post top

The view from above

East Coast Family Recipe: Lady Ashburnham Pickles

Upon browsing though an old memory stick, I found the following photo-set from some pickles that I made a couple years ago. My absolute favourite recipe – Lady Ashburnhams – is an easy and tasty Maritime treat. These sweet pickles pair perfectly with mashed potatoes and any roasted Sunday meal.

The recipe is simple and complete over two days.

Lady Ashburnham Pickles

Day One

  • 6 large cucumbers (peeled, seeds removed, chopped into ~1 cm cubes)
  • 1/4 cup coarse salt
  • 4 cups onions (chopped)

Day 2

  • 1 red pepper (chopped)
  • 2 1/2 cups vinegar
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 3 tbsp flour
  • 1 tbsp dry mustard
  • 1 tbsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp mustard seed
  • 1 tsp celery seed

Chop cucumbers and onions into small cubes, no larger than 1 cm in size. Add salt and let stand over night. Rinse cucumber mixture and add vinegar, sugar, flour, peppers, and spices to a large pot. Cook over low heat while stirring frequently for 45 minutes, until thickened. Bottle in sterilized bottles and wait for covers to pop. Put any unpopped bottles into the fridge and consume first.

Random Art at Various Stages of Completion


I frequently find half-finished projects around my house. Sometimes they’re forgotten; sometimes they’re not. But they’re always kind of beautiful. Today I thought I would share some of these.

Above is a lighthouse that I actually started this past weekend. I came across my chalk pastels and couldn’t wait to draw something. Unfortunately, I grabbed my watercolour book… not the best match for a light, chalky media.image

I like blending colours to create “PEI dirt” in my drawings. There’s something truly magical about that rusty shade of red. I can’t wait to spend more days at the beach in the summer to come.image

One of my absolute favourite things to draw is crustaceans. No joke, I can draw crabs, shrimp, lobster, and the like for hours. I like the angles and the asymmetry. I would love to have a room decorated framed with ‘scientific’ style crustacean drawings. Perhaps an upcoming project… :)


The last two are pretty random – a seahorse and a butterfly. Both are thick and childlike – lacking in my usual methodological detail. This is linked to the fact that I don’t know a lot about either, but think they are pretty cool. A little practice would go a long way here!


Nerd Dates – Lego Republic Gunship in all its Glory

Obiwan lego minifigure


So far it’s been a relaxing month spent enjoying the comforts of home: working on ukulele tunes, playing Trivia Crack, and binge-watching Marco Polo. An oddly fun and quirky way to start off the new year. Evenings at Charlottetown’s The Old Triangle, Pilot House, and Factory have got me thinking about trying the whole food blogging thing, but… we’ll see about that.

One thing that my husband and I accomplished of late was building the fantastic Lego Republic Gunship pictured below. This was our most elaborate Lego build to date and definitely our most enjoyable. I can’t get over how adorable the Obi Wan Kenobi minifigure is – he’s definitely joining us on future outings as I (or, more likely, Scott) attempt to master the art of Lego Photography.

New nerdy adventures coming soon ;)

Rebublic gunship 2 Rebublic gunship

The Most Awkward Gift

Good old days magazine

This was my first Christmas as an official Greer. My husband’s mother had let slip that I should be “watching the mail”, so I would check every day with excitement – we clearly had something special coming our way.

I was surprised when one day, a week before Christmas, I opened the mailbox to find a copy of “Good Old Days”, a magazine aimed at senior citizens who want to remember the best parts of the past. Of course, as someone who hasn’t yet reached her thirties, I was taken aback. I’ll let the advertisements speak for themselves…

The magazine held a sticker stating “expires Feb 2016″… a year-long subscription?

I was so confused – was my mother-in-law was playing some sort of elaborate prank? Or, worse yet, was this her favourite magazine and she just wanted to share it with me? As someone who is not yet in her senior years and particularly young-at-heart, I couldn’t imagine the latter.

My husband arrived home that evening and I mentioned that the magazine had arrived. He grinned and asked what I thought. “It’s awful!” I exclaimed, bewildered. His face fell, “She thought you’d love it…” he pressed “and I thought it was a great idea.” I stared at him in a momentary shock. My husband thought that I would enjoy a magazine for senior citizens? I pushed it angrily into his hands.

“What on earth is this?” He said, his anger turning into a goofy smile. I shook my head, raising my hands in exasperation. “It’s supposed to be a copy of Crochet World!”. We stared at each other for a moment before bursting into giggles.

Sometimes the best intentions get lost in translation. As it turns out, the magazine company had sent me the Good Old Days mistakenly. My mother-in-law had sent me a subscription to a crochet magazine – a fantastic treat!

My first issue of Crochet World magazine reached me before the weekend and I’ve already found my next project. What a great gift from a fantastic mother-in-law!

My next crochet project from the pages of Crochet World Magazine.

My next crochet project from the pages of Crochet World Magazine.