Feel inspired colouring


Hi folks – just a quick post tonight as I get ready for a relaxing Canada day.

I picked up Feel Inspired Colouring, an inspirational colouring book by Prince Edward Island artist Nadine Staaf. The book features journal pages to chronical your inspiration. I’m looking forward to getting started!

It turns out that colouring is as good a stress reliever as any – I highly recommend it. I’ll share more from Staaf’s book soon!

Happy Canada day to all my Canadian readers!!

Picking up Old Projects – the Crochet Bunny



Ok, that’s one unusually ugly photo of a crochet animal.

If you’re new to the blog, then please allow me to explain: I make crochet animals. I started the rabbit above around Easter, when a series of adorable crochet bunnies caught my eye on Pinterest. And then the inevitable happened.

I couldn’t find just the right pattern, so I decided to freestyle. This resulted in a rather enormous bunny head and a bulging body.  I added blue safety eyes and then… I couldn’t get the legs right. Or the ears. So I tossed the project into a bag and tried to forget about the frustration.

Recently a friend of mine started to crochet, which got me thinking about the adorable project I had given up. I hate to give up on projects, especially when the supplies have already been purchased, so I decided to scour the interwebs. And guess what – I came across this tutorial for rabbit ears. I’m going to take a shot at these and see if they do the trick!

I really hope this is the missing piece to my puzzle. Who would have thought that I could just google ‘crochet bunny ears’ and find the solution to such a seemingly uncommon problem? Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?

Progress on Colouring a Stroll in London



A few weeks ago I blogged about my newest colouring find – the panoramic fold-out “A Stroll in London” featuring the artwork of Thomas Flintham. I’m now three weeks into this project and barely getting started – of the 8 pages, I’ve only just started three.

The difficult part about this colouring project is achieving consistency. It’s nearly impossible to keep up a consistent theme on so many pages. Do you aim for realism? Or do you just wing it? I can’t decide!

I’ve made an effort to aim for some realism, particularly when it comes to well-known landmarks, but also add in plenty of fun colours. I have 60 colours of pencil crayons – so I want to get a little use out of that veritable rainbow!

I have to say that the best part of this project is colouring in the little characters. I decided to create a little Mario look-alike on the bridge below. I love using unique shades of hair and bright clothing to offset the city scene.

One thing I’ve noticed from these image: I need to commit to the greenery. I think that grass should be bright and consistent. I suppose that will go for water as well… I’m surely going to have my work cut out for me!




Any ideas? Suggestions? Let me know!

Watercolour Inspiration from the Garden


I enjoyed a little time outside this weekend and decided to try out some waterolour painting in nature. I think I might have a new favourite subject – I’m all about the bright purple beets and the many shades of an onion!


I may have a way to go with watercolour mastery, but I find the action of painting so relaxing. I’m always amazed by how the colours mix on the paper and how water can make all the difference. An extra stroke with a brush can make or ruin a painting.


Designing my Shadow Box – Creating the Perfect Wedding Memento


I’ve decided to re-purpose my old shadow box.

In the past it’s served as an inspiration board and a necklace storage unit, but after some time spent researching on Pinterest, I decided that I needed to create something truly lovely.

So tonight I started what I expect to be several days of organizing to create the perfect shadow box decoration for my bedroom. I’ve decided to focus on the mementos from my wedding.

I started by gathering some bits and pieces that I would like to see displayed: our program and invitation, some photos, and our wedding vows. I then arranged them on top of some pieces of scrapbook paper in complementary colours. Now comes the fun part…

I intend to keep rearranging until the box looks just-so – and I’ll likely have another photo printed since we’d decided to enlarge the lovely black-and-white one in the top left-hand corner. That said, I think you’ll see an immediate improvement below:

shadow box before

The Before…

shadow box wedding DIY

The Work in Progress

The week ahead



My days have become busy, but my blog doesn’t reflect this at all!

Over the next week I have a few things planned to share, and many more fun Prince Edward Island adventures to share as time goes on. I just returned from a brief trip home, so I’m neither relaxed or well-rested, but my head is full of great memories and that’s really all that matters at the end of a weekend!

This week I’ll be sharing a couple DIYs, which will hopefully include the overhaul of my shadow box (ugh, see above… I removed some of the more terrible things before taking this photo…) and the completion of my 2014 entries into my garden journal. We’ll be planting our garden this week, so I’ll also be starting a fresh journal record. Lots to do!

I hope your weekend was filled with great memories.


A Colouring Find – A Stroll in London Fold-out

Today I found the coolest thing at Michaels.

While perusing the book section, I noticed a series of colouring books that aimed at adult artists. They varied on themes, between nature and cities, but it wasn’t until I picked one up that I saw how truly interesting they are.

I decided to treat myself to Coloring a Stroll in London, which is available from Walter Foster. I traveled through London several years ago, and I’m captured by the playful images in this design…image



The book actually folds out into an eight-page panorama! I love the silly little details (is that Poseidon? A giant fox?) and the happy-faced trees. There are robots in among the historical structures, and such a variety of delightful characters! I’m excited to bring bright colours and silliness to this beautiful banner.

On the back of the drawing there’s a second set of drawings depicting a stroll through the buildings of London, including a brief set of notes. I was happy to see that the stroll was almost exactly the same one I’d taken on my first day in London (although in reverse).



I’m going to take this outside and enjoy an evening of colouring in the sunshine!