On Colouring Books for Adults


So I had one of those days – you know the ones? Where you show up for that event which you’ve eagerly awaited only to learn that you’re a full 24 hours late? Where you spill water all over yourself at work? Where you actually forget to stop at the gas station even though the gas light is on? Sigh.

So – I decided to treat myself to something that I’ve been wanting for a while – Outside the Line: an artists’ colouring book for giant imaginations. And it’s fantastic! I chose this particular colouring book because the drawings varied in size and complexity – I can see myself using a variety of media on these pages from coloured pencils to markers, pastels to crayons!  The thick paper provides enough distance between pages to prevent leeching – it’s definitely built tough enough to mix media.

Colouring books are no longer reserved for children – in fact, many adults are now using them as a relaxing and creative outlet. I’m not so fantastic at drawing, so the pre-drawn images allow me experiment with colour without having to worry about the specifics. And my-oh-my is it a relaxing way to end the day!

Here’s hoping that tomorrow will prove less exhausting.


Weekend Pinspiration – DIY Shadow Boxes

I have a shadow box in my bedroom that’s in need of a serious makeover – but what should I do with it? In a former life, it’s been an inspiration board, necklace holder, and random wedding memento box – but nothing has really stood out. So… enter Pinspiration :)

With so many beautiful options, it’s hard to pick just one! I’ll be sure to post my end result soon.

Happy weekend!

Weekend Crochet Pinspiration – Bunnies

This morning, while scanning Pinterest, I saw the cutest crochet bunny amigurumi post.

I must make one of these!

Eeep – how about all of the above?! They are all the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

I’ve already pulled apart a hat that I was making – I can see a resurgence of amigurumi in my future.

Lego Dates – Technic Construction Set

It’s been a laid back week in the Greer household. After a chaotic weekend of family visits, we’ve been enjoying quiet weeknights in our cozy apartment.

Two months after the holiday season, we still have Lego sets that have yet to be built (I am not complaining!) – the most interesting being the Lego Technic Construction Crew Trio (42023). This was a belated birthday gift for Scott – and our first experience with the Technic pieces.

Lego technic loader and escavator

We decided to start with the cherry-red excavator – the tracks alone make this a unique build. We were impressed with how solid and weirdly functional it turned out, although the slow twisting motion to raise and lower the arm is a drag. Literally. The tracks are particularly interesting (and have us thinking of those 90s robots – you know the ones).

Lego Technic loader and excavator

Our second build was the yellow loader. We loved the wheels – they’re jumbo by Lego standards. The complex gear work and inside-out build approach made it a pretty enjoyable project.

The technic pieces are not normal bricks; they look and build in a way that feels solid and mechanical. The set includes plenty of gears, connectors, and custom pieces that really make it a good value. I can see these pieces going into a lot of different builds, from vehicles to fun additions to a regular lego house. I can’t wait to finish the final piece of this set (a bright blue dump truck) and see what else we can create.

Freshly Planted Succulent Dish



Garden shopping has started – which is unbelievable when you see several feet of snow piled as far as the eye can see. We picked up some new potting soil and jiffy pots… and finally picked up some succulents to fill the empty flower-pot on my desk.

Yes, I had an empty pot of dirt on my desk – that’s perfectly normal.

We decided to create our own succulent arrangement – which will likely last about a month before it starts to grow wild and unruly. I’m just glad to see some greenery!

I also had a little extra succulent, which I left in its original pot. As luck would have it, the post fit perfectly inside a slightly chipped tea-cup that I’ve held on to. I think it will make a cheerful cubicle plant. I also can’t wait to see the contrast between succulents that have access to natural sunlight versus my desk light. My inner biologist can barely be contained.



We’ll start our garden seeds this weekend. More on that soon!

Birthday Journaling – Reflections on Living each Day

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday Tee – check out her awesome blog here). And with my birthday coming up in just over a month, I’ve definetly got birthdays on the brain!

Last year I came across a great little journal titled Live This Day – a Birthday Book of questions and reflections. I decided to complete one page each day in the month leading up to my birthday.  The result? A lovely little time capsule that perfectly reflects my thoughts and feelings just one year ago. I intend to sit down and re-read each entry in the coming month.

Live this Day a Birthday Book

This little journal is so sweet. Each page is devoted to a writing topic, ranging to reflections on yourself, people in your life, your aspirations, your accomplishments, and your memories. My favourite questions included:

  • What’s the greatest adventure you’ve had?
  • What’s your personal motto?
  • What makes you feel deeply alive?
  • What inspires you?

Do these questions get the gears turning or what?

Live this day a birthday journal question

One particularly fun part of this journal is the list pages – I love looking back at the short-form thoughts about what I want to savour in the next year.

Live this day a birthday book list

I enjoy reflecting – but looking back on the last year is particularly interesting. A year ago I had yet to find a full time job and was months from my wedding day. I have some pretty silly things to say on both topics, as well as some heart-felt sentiments that are particularly meaningful. It’s interesting to see how far I’ve come in a short time.

Honestly, I wanted to take a second chance at this journal. I returned to the store where I originally purchased it, but none remained in stock. That said, I think that I can make use of the reflective questions in a different way this year. I’m thinking of a mixed media project – drawing, writing, blogging, and whatever else strikes my fancy – to reflect on what a monumental year I’ve had.

Because this year is not worth forgetting. Not one bit.

Live this day a birthday journal repeat

On Sharing Science Through Art

Reading Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy has inspired me in more way than one.

I enjoyed the bright illustrations and simplified biological concepts in Rothman’s book and was reminded of my studies. And my own drawings.

Yesterday I came across an old box of notes from my Masters studies and found myself immediately drawn to my old field notes from marine biology courses.

crab biological diagrams

Did I love studying marine creatures? Of course! Who doesn’t like a chance to see an animal up close and personal – but in order to really learn the adaptations of each creature, we were encouraged to draw them out in detail. This has left me with some of my best artwork – which has been hidden away in stinky old notebooks like this one.

biological drawing flat fish biological drawing crabs biological drawing of starfish

This notebook reflects a field course that I took in Millport, Scotland. I also wrote a pretty silly comic about the week – which you can find on my former blog Tiger Pearl. My goodness it brings back some fantastic memories!

I miss the days when I could just pick up a pad of paper and draw my feelings out. I really need to get my pens and paper back in motion. If nothing else, reading Julia Rothman’s beautiful books have got me back in the mindset for drawing out the concepts that I love. Check back soon for more fun doodles.