Crafting: Learning to Felt

I'm experimenting with making felted balls. They're oddly fun to photograph. #diy #crafting

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I decided that I wanted to learn to make felted… things. Last Christmas I saw a number of cute felted ornaments: birds, foxes, and reindeer. I fell in love with felted creations and knew that I had to learn this art.

This weekend I decided to start off small: by making felted balls. They’re pretty easy – you roll up some roving wool with soap and alternating hot and cold water. Check out this youtube video – it’s the perfect beginner wet felting tutorial.

What can these balls be used for? Well… I have a couple ideas in my mind, but Pinterest has the following:

Choosing between the greys


Tonight I picked up some paint chips.

I’m looking for a soft bedroom grey. Which is possibly the most boring color in the world to pick, but will look fantastic with our teal quilt or watercolour duvet. We can coordinate shiny curtains and pops of colour into the decor, so in the end it will be a vibrant room.

But picking out greys is totally boring! There’s really no other word for it.

Pantry Renovation


It’s a busy long weekend in the new house.

With our apartment cleaned and vacated, I can now focus all of my efforts on bringing the new house up to speed. After two weeks of hard work, today the kitchen was finally cleaned and the pantry moved in to. Check it out!

We’re still reorganizing, but things are fitting in nicely. It’s particularly nice to see clean surfaces and not the grease and scuffs that predominated the kitchen before.


Days Away From Settled: Kitchen Pantry Update


Hi folks –

So I’ve posted a before photo from our pantry – seeing as this is where we spent most of the day. We’d already removed the grease-stained shelves when I remember to grab the camera. The wire racks have since been removed and the room was painted with a fresh coat of white. In hindsight I wish we’d been a little more adventurous, but I’ll be happy with clean and fresh over scuffed and greasy!

The more time we spend on home renovations, the more I find myself amazed by home renovation blogs. How on earth do people manage complete space overhauls? I can’t imagine all the foresight that would need to go into a full-scale project. For example, check this fantastic pantry makeover on Decor Chick – seriously – the lazy-susans, the storage bins, and even the decorative wreath! I’m amazed at how well people prepare for their DIYs!

Our DIY day started with us emptying the garage to clean a spot to paint the shelves. Then we had to go buy some painting supplies. The shelves had to come out and be cleaned. The painting was finally complete. I suppose tomorrow we’ll reassemble the shelves… but there won’t be any spectacular organizational changes to look forward to here on the blog! I suppose I’ll do my best, but I really need to up my game if I want my DIY posts to stand out among the Pinterest crowd.

I think that’s a goal to start working toward. Once I’ve set up my workspace, I’ll sit down and start prepping notes for upcoming projects. Lately my writing has been chaotic and messy; I’ve stuck to my daily writing goal, but quality has suffered. I think it’s time to bring a little light back into this blogging project and see whether the next 100 days can be the best yet!

Home Renovations

Kitchen drawer hero and his tuxedo sidekick #newhome #removations

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We’re taking off down the road of home renovations. Hurray!

Tonight Scott’s in the kitchen cutting out new contract-paper drawer liners. This is the solution to old, cardboard bottom drawers. I just wish we could have found some lovely patterned paper à la Pinterest. But plain white looks fantastic compared to grime. (Scott’s doing the cutting and adhesion mostly because I keep making cutting errors).

This weekend were planning to find a fix for our very soiled pantry. The shelves are lined with particle boards, which is a step up from the plain metal racks, but they’ll require a coat of paint to cover oily stains. I’ll definetly post some before and after photos from this project!

Crochet Elephant Progress – Sewing is the Hardest Part


Hi folks –

I’ve made some great progress on the amigurumi elephant project that I started this weekend. I’ve finished the body, attached safety eyes (and double tested them for strength – these things are strong), and added two ears. The only part that remains is a round patch to complete the belly.

This pattern came together very quickly and I loved picking up each appendage from the main body instead of creating 5 additional cylinders to attach. The shape body has turned out to be charmingly robust – a perfect fit for an elephant.

I can’t wait to share the complete project, but I have a feeling it will hit the back burner as soon as I complete the crochet patch. You see – I can’t stand sewing. I dread it more than anything – it’s frustrating and I always worry that my stitching isn’t strong enough.  I think I’ll do a little research to see if I can find a better technique this time around.  I’ll be sure to post anything useful here on the blog along with the final product.

I really recommend checking out the pattern for this project at Petite Maille – the instructions are in French, but the images are pretty helpful. I can read French, but I also used this chart as a guide. Also, check out my original source of inspiration at All About Ami.


Crochet Elephant in Progress



Yesterday I found this adorable elephant pattern from Petite Maille while surfing Pinterest. What interests me most is the lack of seams; most of my amugurumi creations involve a lot of sewing. The elephant has all four legs attached through an interesting series of chains pictured above – I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

The project is coming together quickly: I worked on it for a couple of hours yesterday and again today. I think I’m already at the mid-way point, which is pretty fantastic. It does reflect the cooler weather that we had this weekend – but I hear the sunshine is coming back to the Island to soon!

Right now it looks like this project will fit in the palm of my hand, which is a good size for a younger child. The lack of seams will make it a lot more durable than my more complex creatures.