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Who am I?

Laura Feeney-Greer, aka @ellefeeney. I’m a freelance writer and biologist living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. I share my passion for music, learning, creating, and exploring in my daily blog posts.

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26 thoughts on “About

  1. aboutGoodness says:

    Hello Elle!
    Great decision you have made – to use what you have and make the best out of it! That´s the spirit :-)
    From my own experience I can share with you that after some time you will see that this has been one of the best periods in your life when you had a chance to re-invent and create yourself. Of course, that will make sense afterwards. Now it is about how to be able to live with joy no matter the circumstances. I wish you to maintain huge amount of curiosity and the wish to explore. That will certainly help to get through this time.

  2. pnwauthor says:

    This is a frustrating economy for young and old alike. I wish you the best with your career path and hope it works out for you soon. If it makes you feel better, I graduated from college during the Thatcher-Reagan era and ended up working in a cafe, then a series of go-nowhere jobs. It does get better.

    BTW which province of Eastern Canada are you from? I noticed you used the French transitionelle. Just curious.

  3. fooddrinkandbooks says:

    I love your blog – I’m unemployed and looking for work here in England. I’m recovering from a long term illness but, like you, I have so many passions and hobbies that I’m looking at ways to make them financially viable. Good luck in finding employment – I wish you all the very best.

  4. Elle Feeney says:

    Thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging words. I’m actually from New Brunswick – Canada’s only officially bilingual province. I intended for my blog title to be a portmanteau of the word “transition” and my first name, and I love that it looks like the french transitionnelle.

  5. twentysomethingwaitress says:

    As a twentysomething who is educated, has lived with my mom in my 20’s for several years and can’t seem to find a sustainable job in my field (hence my job as a waitress), I certainly relate. LIke you, I also created my blog as a means of connecting with a lot of other people in my same boat, and just a way of bringing humor and hilarity to the whole situation. I feel ya girl! Twentysomethings unite!


  6. Danielle says:

    Just wanted to say I’m really diggin’ your blog. I’m a twenty-something in the US who spent 6 months looking for a job, and am now doing nothing related to what I hoped to pursue after college, so I can definitely relate! Hopefully it only gets better from here!

    Best of luck!


  7. Aly Hughes says:

    Hey there Elle. Just dropping by to say that your blog is great. Also being an unemployed 20-something, I feel your pain! Just shy of landing a fantastic job I ended up breaking my ankle and was forced to back out because of the physical demands of the job. But, if anything, I’ve learned you just have to keep on trekking. Best of luck to you in finding a great job.

    • Cristina Luisa says:

      This is both to Transitionelle and Aly Hughes- I just turned 30 and have my master’s as well. After breaking up with my live-in boyfriend last year, I resorted to moving in with my parents… Not the prettiest situation, but financially it made the most sense at the time. I now contemplate moving into my two-door convertible permanently.

      Aly, I broke my ankle as well late August just as a few promising interviews came up, so I feel your pain (literally and figuratively)! How is your healing process coming along? I’m in physical therapy still- it takes forever to heal!

      These are truly trying times, but I feel that knowing that we are not alone in our less-than-ideal circumstances makes the days a little bit easier. Congrats on being freshly pressed, Transitionelle! :)

  8. trialsinfood says:

    have you tried looking in the states? i think there’s more opportunities there for science grads. i have a MSc too, but from UBC. i’ve been working in a small biotech company for a number of years, but the company has been struggling the whole time. but i have no option but to stay since there are too many graduates, but not enough jobs.

  9. Abdul Manaf says:

    Hello elle…. nice to know you. now i was reading a few blog in English and i hope i can speak english well. Your Blog is Great, though must open dictionary everytime. Sorry my english not so good. Someday i hope can speak english well.Thanx

  10. Layinka says:

    Great blog! I completely feel your ‘underemployment’ status. I am in a similar situation only because I thought it right to move to my husband’s town in france. It has been 5 months now and I will be moving back to my country to live with my parents and unfortunately for hubby there is a job waiting for me. I wish you all the best, I’d love to immigrate to your part of Canada. Thank you for the blog. xx Layinka

  11. Whitney Duprey says:

    Love this blog! When I graduated I suffered through several underemployed jobs (annoying, waitress, etc.) it was so hard! And the worst part was my student loans started kicking in so I kept thinking to myself “and I’m paying all this money for my shiny new college education why!??!?” So I can ABSOLUTELY relate! Good luck!

  12. Jibu Elias says:

    I have been facing a similar situation as yours, got a masters degree from London School of Economics in International relations, then just ran out of ideas. So I have been sort of unemployed for a while moved to parent’s house, and have been spending time with reading and travelling, just to find out that there is a lot more to live for than sitting in a cubicle and I am so happy ever since.Unfortunately in my society people are evaluated in different scales, which in a sense makes me a not big hit, its always good to hear similar situation of others and its comforting and makes me feel like I will live my life the way I want ..Great Blog..keep the good work up!

  13. aktifistri says:

    Hi Elle, it’s a big luck for me to discover your blog. Enjoy reading many of your blogs. My husband is Canadian so reading your blogs can give me a bit more taste of Canadian’s life as well. Congrats for the freshly-pressed one!

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