Tomatoes are coming



Good news from the garden -we’re starting to see some tomatoes! Give it a few weeks and we’ll be in over our heads with tasty veggies!

It’s July – and what that means on my blogging journey


So I was staring at these two indoor-creatures when it dwelled on me – Oh my goodness IT’S JULY!

The year is halfway over, which means I’ve succeeded at blogging every day for 6 months straight! WHAT?! I don’t even understand how it’s been possible – through busy weeks, adventures, and exhaustion – I’ve managed to keep blogging on!

The things that are most interesting these days: I can suddenly blog from my phone with relative ease and coherence; I can think up a blog post idea in a matter of moments; and I no longer get overwhelmed by the idea of hitting publish. I just do. And then I announce (loudly, for anyone in the vicinity) “BLOGGED”.

I am a person of many annoying habits.

Notes on cell phone blogging: it will autocorrect your entries – no matter how many times you review it – and you will find yourself face-palming shortly after posting. But my-oh-my is it convenient to post from the deck rather than dragging out a roasting hot laptop. And you can always edit out the word that don’t write make scents. (Kidding. But you get the idea).

I am so happy to have reached the halfway point of this blogging journey, but even happier to have my best friend Tiana along for the journey. She’s been blogging up a storm and busier than anyone I know – it’s wicked impressive and her photos are mad gorgeous. Congrats Tee – let’s see if we can make it to the finish line!

And then we’ll celebrate by blogging about it. Of course.


Thought I’d leave you with a photo of this cutie – that face!

Canada day at the Garden

Happy Canada day!

The festivities are ongoing, but I wanted to share a few photos from my trip to the garden plot today.

We’ve had a rough start to the season, losing several plants (including all of our cucumbers from the looks of things), but the peas and beets are starting to appear. Summer weather is finally here, which is surely good news for our sun-loving pepper plants.

I also noticed quite a number of lady bugs milling around the garden today – more on those later!

Happy Canada day everyone!




Feel inspired colouring


Hi folks – just a quick post tonight as I get ready for a relaxing Canada day.

I picked up Feel Inspired Colouring, an inspirational colouring book by Prince Edward Island artist Nadine Staaf. The book features journal pages to chronical your inspiration. I’m looking forward to getting started!

It turns out that colouring is as good a stress reliever as any – I highly recommend it. I’ll share more from Staaf’s book soon!

Happy Canada day to all my Canadian readers!!

Old timey emojis


My bestie and I were just discussing how our cell phones no longer knew what VHS tapes were (autocorrecting to cat), when we noticed that there are lots of old emojis for things no one even uses anymore. Like a floppy disc, fax machine, pager, and Rolodex.

As usual, we spent several minutes going back-and-fourth with funny emojis – which means my “most recently used emojis” are now things I’d never text about.

This reminds me that I’m part of the generation that grew up with computer storage. I played computer games on the big old floppy discs, learned to burn CDs, enjoyed the short-lived mini-disc craze, spent 40$ on my first 32MB memory stick, and had a MASSIVE external harddrive that survived more than a few stumbles in university.

I remember taping songs off the radio and those big video cameras that held VHS tapes. We didn’t have editing technology, so we edited by rewinding and recording over.

I love to think about how far technology has come, even if it makes me a little nostalgic for DOS games and time spent away from the warm glow of devices.

Ruffles Poutine Chips


Woah – poutine-flavoured chips? Where did these come from?

Scott came home with this bag of Ruffles and I just had to try one (read: many). OK, they’re no where near as delicious as French fries (or, my favourite, home fries) covered in melty cheese curds and piping hot beef gravy, but they do capture the flavour of poutine in chip form.

These chips have a nice beef-stock taste with a hint of cheesy goodness. They’re pretty scrumptious, though pale in comparison to the deliciousness of Ruffles sour cream and bacon. Man – Ruffles makes some pretty tasty chips.

Cats on my desk


Today I decided to do some painting, but instead learned that Maddie had decided to take a cat bath on my desk. Somehow this lead to me picking up a Harry Potter book and spending most of the afternoon reading on the deck.


I can’t decide if I wasted the day or thoroughly enjoyed it. Aw well, days not over yet!

Happy weekend :)