#PEIBurgerLove – Claddagh Oyster House’s The Dilly

Tonight was the night – the night for a burger date that is!

Scott and I took to Twitter last week to select our dream team of burgers: the two that we needed to try before the end of the month – and boy were we in for a treat!!



The Claddagh Oyster House burger has been all over my newsfeed for the past month – and for a good reason. Despite it’s unusual appearance, the Dilly burger was absolutely fantastic:

6.5oz. Island Beef Chuck & Brisket patty cast iron cooked and glazed, House Ketchup, Tempura Fried Onions, Clothbound Cheddar, Bacon Lardons, and Truffle & Dill Aioli on a Toasted Sesame Bun with Truffle Butter

The sauce.

I want to write an ode to the dill sauce. Seriously – my summer will no doubt be spent trying to mimic the creamy dill sauce. It was so perfectly dilly that I couldn’t bare for a speck of it to go to waste. A pickle-lover’s dream.

The combination of bacon lardons, tempura onion, and house ketchup had the flavour and texture of barbecue ribs – sweet and fatty in just the right way. It seems unusual to have dill on one side of a burger patty and barbecue flavoring on the other, but the combination was unbelievable. Not too greasy, not too messy. And the gooey cheddar just held everything together so nicely.

This was our first visit to the Claddagh Oyster House and I hope to return. The atmosphere is modern and exclusive – a small dining-room with comfortable booths and private tables. The menu focuses on seafood, particularly oysters and mussels from PEI, as well as Island-grown beef and fish entrees.

The dilly burger was definitely a must-try. I consider it to be a front-runner along with Piatto’s La Dolce Vita. Both are unique and bring forward the kind of creativity that I look forward to each April in Prince Edward Island. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the Island decides when the votes are in!
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Food A Love Story – Jim Gaffigan

This weekend was kind of a bust for me – I have a migraine that just won’t quit. Instead of spending the weekend catching up on… well anything, I laid on the couch in darkness.

Lucky for me, I had a couple audiobooks that I’ve been meaning to listen to. The lack of visual stimuli combined with actual entertainment created a perfect distraction from my throbbing head.

food a love story Jim Gaffigan

The first book – Jim Gaffigan’s “Food a Love Story” – has been on my list to read since completing his previous release “Dad is Fat”. I enjoy Gaffigan’s light-hearted comedy, which usually features stories of food, his five children, and growing up as a super white Catholic. I particularly enjoy his audiobooks because the narration is really a part of the charm – the voices, inflection, and accents bring the book to life.

Food a Love Story delves into Gaffigan’s favorite topic – food. He talks about all forms of foods, from specific descriptions of different fast food chains, to describing the foods of his past, and includes amusing asides to describe how these generally-accepted foods came to be. For example, what’s the deal with breakfast foods being so terrible? Bacon, pancakes, syrup, sausage, and sugar-filled juice – these wouldn’t fly any other time of the day. The book was an enjoyable listen, though I much preferred his previous depiction of life with five young kids.

One of my favourite parts of this book was Gaffigan’s description of everyone’s least favourite food chain – McDonald’s. He notes that while not everyone eats at McDonalds, everyone has their own McDonalds – be it bad fast food, mindless gossip magazines, or ridiculous “Real Housewife” shows – we all have some kind of embarrassing garbage that we can’t help but ingest. There’s no sense in trying to act superior.

Birthday Cats

Today marks two years since we brought our fur friends home – so today we celebrate Maddie and Bella’s fifth birthday! These two monsters are our best friends and companions; they’re always up for a cuddle and some fresh cat food.

I’ve been sick with a migraine for the past day, but happily I had these two to keep me company. I can’t believe how lucky we got with our adopted fur babies – they’re truly a part of the family.





Friday Hockey Time


Hi folks! It’s Friday – and this week that involves cheering for my favourite team in the playoffs.

I talked about my wedding present for Scott a while back, but I never told you what he got me. In addition to a super sweet necklace, Scott ordered a Canadiens jersey for me with our family name on the back – what a sweet gift! And the best part – mine has the “C” designation on the front. Recognize. ;)

Hope you’re enjoying a relaxing Friday too!

Sometimes my Cats Surprise me

Despite being sisters, the only time that my cats spend together is when they are fighting or stalking the same prey. So imagine my surprise when Scott caught these two snuggle-bugs together the other day…

Eeeee! Who doesn’t love a pair of salt and pepper cats?!

Seedling Update – Growing Tall Pepper Plants

The peppers are sprouting up quickly – almost too quickly for my liking, but we’ll see how things progress.

Pepper plants

To help the peppers grow strong and tall, we’ve started propping them up with barbeque skewers. These are just lightweight sticks that we’ve placed into the soil next to our plants to allow them to lean on. Some are tied with a piece of twine, others are just propped against their stick. So far, so good.

Hot Peppers


Our cucumbers are also doing surprisingly well. Despite using last year’s seeds, we had 20 seedlings take off. That’s nearly every one! I had to cull these back to just 14, which is still far more than we can take on. Luckily, our community garden will be having a seed and seedling swap; we’ll be able to find homes for our extra plants.

I decided to try out a (silly) pinterest idea and planted the cucumbers in recycled keurig cups. These were a pain to clean out and are already a touch too small, but it was a nice thought at the time.

Check out that tiny leaf! Beautiful!!

Check out that tiny leaf! Beautiful!!


#PEIBurgerLove – Hook & Ladder at Chambers Restaurant at the Rodd Charlottetown


So I’m going to admit something here – the other day I got lost on Prince Edward Island. My friends and I, all “from away” as the Islanders would call us, were unable to find our second burger destination on our Sunday burger adventure. After half an hour in the country-side, and some firm words with the google-maps app, we decided to head back to town and find a place that we hadn’t experienced yet.

This is how we found ourselves at the Chambers Restaurant at the Rodd Hotel in Charlottetown, trying the Hook & Ladder:

“Two 4oz. Island Beef patties, Horseradish Mayo, Caramelized Onions, Sliced Dill Pickles, Bacon Jam, Mushroom Duxelle, Swiss and Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Bacon, Beefsteak Tomato Slice, and Leaf Lettuce on a grilled Sesame Bun garnished with Dill Pickle and Cherry Tomato”

Of all the Burger Love entries, this one is probably the most classic. This enormous burger was served with a massive dill pickle and tasty cherry tomato. I could barely hold it in my (weirdly tiny) hands, which made it a challenge to get a full-flavoured bite.

This burger was tasty, but relatively basic. It contained all of my favourite toppings: pickles, bacon, and cheese – with a hint of mayo and bacon jam for sauces. It met my expectation, though far exceeded them in size. In fact, I barely finished a forth of this burger before packing it up. Scott was happy to finish the leftovers.

Overall – this burger was nice, but won’t be blowing any minds. A good burger for people who are looking for a classic.