Fabric Shaver = Dress Saver



Hi folks –

I’m prepping my wardrobe for a few weekends of weddings. One thing about my wardrobe that worth noting: it’s tiny. I typically splurge on a few pieces that I love and wear them over and over. I put effort into picking pieces that are versatile – I’m all about the mixing and matching!

One thing that helps me keep my wardrobe in top shape is spending time fixing items that are looking a little worn. For example, I have a lovely dress (pictured below) that’s started to pill. i essentially just little balls of fuzz forming on the surface. This is generally prevented by hand-washing the material only, but it’s clearly snuck into a couple of loads of wash. The solution is easy: the fabric shaver. (Mine was a gift that my Mom bought at Costco – they have these at most department stores for ~15$)




Look at that difference! A few minutes of shaving has saved the dress from ruin. I know this isn’t a permanent solution, since the fabric is now thinner, but it’s really brought the life back to this beautiful piece.

I’ll try to keep this one as hand-wash only, but I think it can withstand a couple more defuzzings if it starts to look a bit wacky again.

Every Night at the Beach is a Good One

I rescued this guy from the gulls and carried it back to the sea. #marinebiologist #PEI #crab #staycation

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Tonight we went to the beach.

This is fairly normal – we go as often as possible, but usually opt for evenings. There’s less traffic and the water feels warmer.

Tonight we played with the GoPro in the water – but it’s too late to fiddle with edits. I think it’s time to snuggle up and catch up on some Netflix.

I love the weekend.

Garden Update – last week of July


Our garden is incredible!

It’s been a long week – but it’s great to see plenty of new growth in our garden.

A Trip to Stratford’s Community Orchard, PEI


The orchard – Year 2

Scott and I took a stroll through Stratford’s new community orchard last week. The orchard was planted last year as part of the community garden and is located behind the Cotton center.

We wandered through the three rows of plants; apple trees, pear trees, elderberries, highbush blueberries, and cherries were beginning to bloom. The trees are pretty small, but in a few years they’ll be producing beautiful fruit. The photos below are just a preview of what’s to come at the orchard.

I’m so happy to see these beautiful green spaces popping up all over our Island communities. I can’t wait to visit in a couple years once the trees have really had a chance to take root.






Crochet Elephant Progress – Sewing is the Hardest Part


Hi folks –

I’ve made some great progress on the amigurumi elephant project that I started this weekend. I’ve finished the body, attached safety eyes (and double tested them for strength – these things are strong), and added two ears. The only part that remains is a round patch to complete the belly.

This pattern came together very quickly and I loved picking up each appendage from the main body instead of creating 5 additional cylinders to attach. The shape body has turned out to be charmingly robust – a perfect fit for an elephant.

I can’t wait to share the complete project, but I have a feeling it will hit the back burner as soon as I complete the crochet patch. You see – I can’t stand sewing. I dread it more than anything – it’s frustrating and I always worry that my stitching isn’t strong enough.  I think I’ll do a little research to see if I can find a better technique this time around.  I’ll be sure to post anything useful here on the blog along with the final product.

I really recommend checking out the pattern for this project at Petite Maille – the instructions are in French, but the images are pretty helpful. I can read French, but I also used this chart as a guide. Also, check out my original source of inspiration at All About Ami.


Never too old for cheese and crackers


I’m in the mood for a snack. Since I’m an adult, I’ve already eaten all the junk food from my last grocery run – clearly the chips and dip were not meant to last. Which means what? Go to bed hungry?


Luckily there’s the old classic fall-back: cheese and crackers. I’ve paired an old white cheddar and Ritz this evening, but to make things extra delicious, Scott added in our favourite treat: pickles!

I’ve been eating cheese, crackers, and pickles so long that I assumed that the “pickles” was just silent in cheese & crackers. This is not so! During my studies in Toronto and abroad I learned, to my horror, that most people eat their cheese and crackers plain. My mind was blown.

When I met Scott, a charming young fellow from my hometown, I remember my hesitation when preparing a snack of cheese and crackers. “Hey…” I said ” you know what would go great with this? Pickles.” He looked at me for a fraction of a second before saying “that’s the best way to have them!”. Thank goodness. Match made.

Anyway, I highly recommend adding a tangy dill to your next attempt at a “healthy cheese and crackers snack”.  You’re welcome.

Receiver Coffee – Charlottetown, PEI



This past Saturday I met a friend for breakfast at Charlottetown’s hot new cafe, Receiver Coffee. I’ve heard a constant social media buzz about the Victoria Row shop since it’s opening back in the fall. They offer locally roasted coffee and tea from Lady Baker’s Tea Trolley.

The shop itself has a cool, indie vibe with varied seating and an upper level, but we chose to enjoy the afternoon sun on their Victoria Row patio. Who can resist a sunny day in PEI?

The menu offers healthy breakfast and lunch options as well as some delicious, local specials. A glance at their Facebook page is worth a few minutes of your time – the mac and cheese dishes are particularly drool-worthy.

I decided to go with a fun play on the classic BLT — the BALT — and yes, the A is Avocado. I was in love, particularly because the creamy texture of the avocado and slightly maple flavouring of the bacon combined into something outside of my ordinary breakfast experience. My drink of choice? A raspberry black tea with plenty of milk – perfection!

My friend tried the Huevos Ranchero – a Mexican-themed breakfast special still offered at 1:00 pm (and possibly all day, don’t quote me on that though!). He enjoyed the combination of spicy flavours – and I really would have liked some of those tasty looking refried beans!

I’ll definitely be returning to Receiver coffee – it lived up to the hype and I can’t wait to try more of their delicious menu items. Also, they offer breakfast nachos. Enough said.