Christmas Kissing Ball


It’s November 25th – which means… one month until Christmas!

I decided to celebrate by dragging out our Christmas ornaments. We’ve only accumulated a few at this point, but it is fun to set the tone with some sparkles and cheer!

One of my favourite ornaments is our kissing ball, which is definitely an update on the mistletoe tradition. It’s essentially a cross between a mistletoe (note the leafy greens and sparkly red berries) and an eye-catching glass ball. I love how bright and cheerful it is! And who doesn’t love a holiday kiss?


Tiny Things


My life is filling up with tiny things. Little socks and tiny sunglasses.

Everything is so little.

Today was the last day of my second trimester. I have three more months to go before our little human is scheduled to arrive. It’s all beginning to feel real and I am so excited.

Somehow, every day feels like I’ve run at least half a marathon. I can barely stay awake to cook dinner. A trip to the grocery store feels like a day-long outing. I feel like I can just barely make ends meet – and that’s OK by me.

But I can’t take on a single extra thing.

Even the tiniest task is one too many after putting so much energy into staying afloat.

That said, the tiniest gestures also make all the difference in the world. When someone holds a door or offers to drop something off to me… Well that makes me feel like I’ve got this. Like I’m not alone.

Tiny things make all the difference in the world.

Winter Storms

It’s a windy day here in Charlottetown, but in my hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick, people experienced their first snow fall of the year.

I can’t believe it’s nearly winter again. Yikes.


My phone is full of images like the one above… Snow covered cars, snow covered streets, and snow covered houses. Yikes.

But I also have some good memories of winter storms. Cuddling up on the couch with Scott and the cats. Playing outside as fat snowflakes fall around me. Checking out Christmas light scenes or Santa Claus parades. There are some fun times – when you’re power is on and you have a nice pot of stew on the stove – and winter storms don’t seem so gloomy.

Just because last winter was gloomy does not mean that this one has to be. Have a storm stash: books, snacks,  cozy blankets, and emergency items to keep you happy and warm. Enjoy the time where you’re stranded at home and be thankful for your safety. Let’s stay safe this winter.

No Rest for the Weekend – Hope for the Future



This weekend was fantastic – and yet I feel like it slipped away in an instant.

I got to visit with friends and family – and welcomed a new member to our midst. It seems like time is flying these days and I’m somehow missing it. The next couple of days may bring snow to much of the Maritimes… and really, who is ready for that.

With all so many busy days, it feels like my blog is being neglected. I have half a dozen posts to write and no energy to compile them. Ideas swim past me and I can’t grab hold. I don’t know what my blogging purpose is and I haven’t a spare moment to figure it out. What I really need is some time off to just figure stuff out. This is a low in my 365 day challenge.

The good news? The holidays are coming – which will provide lots of writing ideas – and I have just one more week of writing class! I’ll soon have time and free ideas! HURRAY!

If I have learned anything about blogging this year, it’s that some days/weeks/months are just harder than others. You have to look harder to find the potential, but it’s always there. Keep looking.


Settling in to our Home


It’s been a busy day. I failed at Christmas shopping, had lunch with friends, and did about a million other things.

And yet, at the back of my mind I’m still thinking strange thoughts like ‘where are we going to hang our world map?’.  We’re still unpacking – all these months later – and it makes me feel very lucky to have a home that we can take our time to settle in to.

Going into this holiday season, I am so thankful for my family, friends, and community.

Giving in to Pregnancy Cravings


I often find myself craving specific foods, so I was not surprised when pregnancy cravings started up. At first it was hamburgers. Then I started wanting milk and yogurt. I love sour candy, and can’t get enough fruit.

But topping my list of absolute must-have foods is…

Ice cream.

Tonight I decided that enough was enough – I treated myself to a sundae. Oh my goodness! Food has never tasted so good.

Handwritten Drafts


Tonight I posted a draft report for my writing classmates to critique, which got me thinking about how my writing practices are still old-school.

I still write with a pen and paper – I love the feeling of writing with a smooth ballpoint pen and the thrill of a fresh sheet of paper.  I type all of my work, but drafts typically end up being printed from my screen for additional pen-work. I doodle in the margins and make elaborate markups. I print three or four times per assignment and just keep writing.

Oddly, my blog posts are never printed. I edit them on my phone or in the web browser without a second though. It’s a great paper saver, and since I only ever see blog posts on my computer, it makes sense to me to proofread on screen. Yet, when given a paper or report to write, I still revert back to my old ways.

Sometimes habits are just enjoyable. Like using a red pen or doodling flowers in margins. If it works, it works!

Are you an old-school writer?